3 Facts about the Oddity of Yasin Vanessa Angel’s Book Made by Doddy Sudrajat, Makes Head Shakes: Okezone Celebrity

DODDY Sudrajat wrote Yasin’s book to commemorate 40 days of Vanessa Angel’s death. Yasin’s book has been widely circulated on social media and netizens found several irregularities.

In Yasin’s book, there is no photo and name of her husband, Aunt Andriansyah. Likewise, there is an error in the name Gala.

Not only that, here MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized some of the irregularities in Yasin Vanessa Angel’s book, quoted from the Instagram account @lambegosiip, Wednesday (12/8/2021).

1. No name and photo of Aunt Andriansyah

Apparently, the book with the purple cover only had a photo of the late Vanessa Angel. On the next page, Yasin’s book also features the title ‘Sekapur Sirih Mengenang 40 hari Vanessa Angel’. The date of birth and death of the deceased are also listed on the next page.

The discrepancy found in Yasin’s book, photos and the name of her late husband, Aunt Andriansyah do not appear in the book. Even though as is known, Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andiansyah both died in an accident that occurred, November 4, 2021. This has become the talk of many people.

2. Gala Sky Andriansyah’s name has changed

It didn’t stop there, the next oddity was seen in the name of Vanessa Angel’s only child. In Yasin’s book, the name Gala Sky Andriansyah changed to Gala Sky Adhan. This, of course, immediately reaped various reactions from netizens.

3. The name of the late birth mother Vanessa Angel

Finally, the discrepancy can be seen from the order of names in Vanessa Angel’s extended family. It seems that the name of the 27-year-old artist’s mother was mentioned earlier than her biological mother, the late Lucy Maywati. According to netizens, the biological mother should have written it down before the mother continued.

Suddenly the late Vanessa’s Yasin book with a purple cover went viral. Many netizens wondered why Doddy Sudrajat printed Yasin’s book like that. Not a few are also furious to see some of these irregularities.

“Why is he? Wondering what has been done that makes people annoyed. It seems like he really wants to be blasphemed by people,” said the netizen.

“Could it be that her husband’s name was not written, her son’s name ‘gala’ was made up again,” wrote a netizen.

“It’s really bad that the name of her late husband is not written, no matter what, her late husband in Yasin must be written down, he is already married, the name of his husband is more important than the names of his brothers,” replied another netizen.

“Very selfish parents,” said another netizen.

“Why don’t Semeru’s lava splash, Dod. Astagfirullah,” said another netizen.

“Everywhere the child follows his father’s last name, if he goes with his mother’s name it is usually for children who do not have a legal father, for example, not married but have children,” said another netizen.

“If you already have a heart disease, it’s really difficult,” replied another netizen.

“Doddy just throw a tantrum,” said another netizen.

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3 Facts about the Oddity of Yasin Vanessa Angel’s Book Made by Doddy Sudrajat, Makes Head Shakes: Okezone Celebrity