3 Facts about Henny Rahman’s feud with Larissa Chou to Ria Ricis, Private Confession on IG Leaked by Netizens: Okezone Celebrity

USAI The uproar of the feud with Zikry Daulay and Larissa Chou, now Henny Rahman is back into a public conversation. In the past, he had a feud with Ria Ricis and now the issue has been brought up again.

At that time, Henny, who was still the wife of Zikry Daulay, seemed jealous of the content creator. It started with Ria Ricis making content with Zikry, which made Henny Rahman misunderstood.

So what are the facts about Henny Rahman’s feud with Larissa Chou, Zikry Daulay and Ria Ricis? Here are a series of facts that you can see.

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Early feud with Larissa Chou

Larissa and Henny’s feud has started since the beginning of Henny’s marriage with her ex-husband. Although Larissa did not comment much on the news of the marriage, apparently Henny returned with an unpleasant message for her. Through the screenshot that Larissa uploaded through the Instagram account @larissachou, 13 November 2021, it appears that several lines of SMS messages that allegedly came from Henny were received by Larissa.

Through her upload, Larissa seemed no longer able to hold her patience.

“Yeah, that’s prettier… @hennyrahman I’m stupid, I’m very serious… I don’t want to insult my body, I want you to be prettier, what do I want… I’m stupid, I’m very serious…. Don’t text and just talk straight here,” Larissa wrote annoyed.

Instagram story leaked, bring up the past with Zikry Daulay

After a lot of feuds with Larissa, Henny Rahman’s story with close friends mode on Instagram stories was leaked. Yes, Henny Rahman turned out to be bringing up the past when he was still Zikry’s wife.

She said that when she was pregnant she was beaten by Zikry, then her ex-husband was considered a playing victim. At that time he also admitted that you were betrothed to Alvin Faiz by Zikry.

“People are playing victims. Duh, I want to tell people that you are domestic violence, you beat me from being pregnant, until suddenly my divorce was not clear,” wrote Henny Rahman.

It was mentioned again, in the two years of being married to Zikri, he had been divorced twice. In addition, Henny also said that it was Zikri who had set him up with Alvin Faiz. However, Zikri actually appeared in public like the person who was hurt the most.

“Two years of marriage, twice playing talak. And finally you regret it yourself. You are the one who set me up with Alvin, but you are also playing the victim now as if you are hurt,” he continued.

Never had a fight with Ria Ricis

The feud between the two allegedly started from the collaborative content of Youtube Ria Ricis and Zikri two years ago. Quoted from various sources, it was reported that at that time Henny Rahman, who was still Zikri’s wife, was jealous of Ricis. That’s where the feud between the two began.

Whether it’s true or not Ria Ricis made a mistake when collaborating with Zikri, but the Top Youtuber apparently had uploaded a video of his apology to Henny.

“I apologize on behalf of myself and the team to Henny and his family, especially me personally, because there was a misunderstanding and before this video was uploaded we also asked for mutual consent,” said Ricis.

Through his 2019 Instagram account, Ricis admitted that he was asked by Henny to upload the video of his apology.

“Actually, this is a personal internal matter, only Henny wanted this video to be uploaded with an apology. Finally we fulfilled this wish, so I uploaded this video to apologize to Henny and his family, hopefully it will be forgiven and not happen in the future,” he added.

It wasn’t over, not long after Ricis uploaded the video, Henny apparently appeared with a curt response in Ricis’s comment column.

“Examples of successful people but (sorry) their attitude is not successful. You are on top but that doesn’t mean you arbitrarily put other people down without you knowing what that person really is,” said Henny.

Although until now the root cause of the feud between the two has not been clearly confirmed, but after the screenshot of the SMS from Henny was uploaded by Larissa, Netizens again brought up the names of Henny and Ricis which had been heating up.

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3 Facts about Henny Rahman’s feud with Larissa Chou to Ria Ricis, Private Confession on IG Leaked by Netizens: Okezone Celebrity