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DONNA Agnesia often shows off her closeness to her baby at various moments. One of them is with Diego Sinathrya, their second child.

As Donna Agnesia and Darius Sinathrya are often predicted as the most romantic couple. At the age of 15 years of marriage, Donna and Darius often get the nickname ‘Parents Goals’.

Because they have a unique habit of educating their three children, and are close and warm with their children.

But of his three children, the middle, Diego seems to be very active at his age. So how is Donna’s role as a mother so that she can still support her son’s activities? The following is a series of moments of Donna’s closeness with Diego.

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Full Support in the Field

The handsome Diego has indeed been in the world of football since childhood. But before it was as great as it is now, Donna and Darius apparently had time to ask the seriousness of their son, you know.

“I and Darius always ask when they really have potential, like Diego and Leo just happen to really like football. ‘Do you want to be an athlete or is it just a hobby?’ because that’s also a different treatment,” said Donna through the Biskuat Academy 2021 Press Conference, last December 9.

Hearing Diego’s seriousness in wanting to become an athlete, Donna and Darius did not hesitate to provide support for the middle man. Not infrequently, the two are seen taking turns taking Diego down directly to the field.

“We as parents certainly direct, motivate, become facilitators, motivators, supporters for children,” he continued.

Yes, Donna admitted that she and Darius chose to focus on building the character of their children through activities inside and outside the school. Through football, Donna believes Diego will grow up to be a strong and tough child.

“I am a parent with Darius who always guides the children. They must have a strong character, both at school and outside of school, they are in the field of sports as well as on the field and off the field,” added Donna when invited as a Moms Influencer.

Watch Football Together


Sport has indeed become a hobby of this family. In addition to going straight to the field, Donna apparently also enjoyed accompanying her sons to watch football together.

Through Donna’s upload a while ago, Diego and his brother, Lio, came to Papa-Mama’s room to invite them to watch their favorite team together.

“I’m so happy that I was accompanied by 2 of my boys who wanted to celebrate the Copa America in their mom and dad’s room,” said Donna.

Training on the field certainly really helped Diego to be great like he is today. But through watching football, Diego can also learn a lot about strength, you know.

This is in line with Donna and Darius’ opinion of football which can also make Diego disciplined in training.

“Because in football they work together with their team, they are also disciplined in training, so when they are focused their thoughts don’t go anywhere because they focus on their goals.”

Camping Trip


The excitement of the Donna-Darius family is very clear from how the two of them arrange unusual activities to educate their children.

As seen in Diego’s upload on November 1, 2021, through his Instagram account. Not an ordinary vacation, Donna apparently not only once invited her children to go camping with the family. In the portrait, Diego, Sabrina, and Donna are seen taking pictures in front of their tent. It’s great, yes!

“What a fun experience, thanks for the camping trip mama,” tulis Diego.

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3 Close-up Portraits of Donna Agnesia and Diego Sinathrya the Good at Playing Football : Okezone Celebrity