Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings remains at the top of the Mexican box office

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings remains at the top of the Mexican box office

Being a film with completely new characters, a different style than had been handled over the years and a different cultural context, many would have imagined that the reception of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings (95% ) would be below all the other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For this reason, Disney executives used it to do a reception analysis compared to simultaneous releases, and thus decide which way to go with future releases.

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Obviously, Simu Liu did not like that the company leaders described the project as an experiment, so he invited the public to go see the film to show that they were underestimating them. It could not be guaranteed that the impact has to do with the call of the actor, but the reality is that the reception of the film has already exceeded everyone’s expectations. With fairly balanced ratings between fans and critics, Destin Daniel Cretton’s film has already escaped an economic downturn like the one suffered by Black Widow (87%).

Now that it has completed its second week in theaters, Shang-Chi has been filled with praise and continues to receive more people every day in theaters, but its impact was also key so that future releases had an exclusive path in cinemas at least 45 days before being released on Disney Plus. Yesterday morning it was confirmed that Eternals will follow this path. Perhaps for the platform subscriptions it is not the best news, but the box office is showing an important recovery.

In Mexico, the new story of the MCU was also well received and, according to what it reports Canacine with its weekly box office review, the story starring Simu Liu closes its second weekend (September 9-12) with $ 27.5 million, and a total of $ 85.9 million in total revenue, with 398.5 thousand new moviegoers and 1.2 million during its two weeks on the billboard.

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In recent months we have witnessed the important impact that horror films have, especially in Mexico, but it seems that this time the presence of Liam Neeson on the big screen was stronger than the most recent James Wan. Risk below zero (40%) began his career on the Mexican billboard with $ 11.8 million and 179 thousand attendees in total; Maligno (67%), meanwhile, while not ranked number one, at least stayed in the top 3 during its opening weekend with $ 10.2 million and 155.8 thousand attendees.

To the surprise of many, Paw Patrol: The Movie (100%) continues to be in the top spots with $ 4.7 million raised since last Thursday and a cumulative total of $ 48.1 million, with 78.2 thousand new attendees and 808.3 thousand overall. Free Guy: Taking control (96%), meanwhile, drops to number five with $ 3.7 million pesos this weekend and $ 62.3 million in total, in addition to having received a total of 926.9 thousand attendees.

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Finally, After: Almas Perdidas (17%), registered an important drop, because after having managed to debut in the first places, it is now in position number six with just $ 2.8 million and $ 11.1 million during its two weeks on the billboard, without forgetting to its 170.1 thousand people in total who have gone to see the film.

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Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings remains at the top of the Mexican box office