July 24, 2021


Poor Ryan, reviled, criticized and little by little forgotten. King in his day, exiled today. What remains for the one whose name is difficult to pronounce: forgiveness. However, to forgive an act of contrition is needed and in the world of music, as in other aspects of life, it is only obtained through an express manifestation of repentance and amendment.

It is true that everyone knows that in Ryan Adams it is the personal issue that condemns him to exile, although it is true that before the vital tsunami arrived it was not that he had a last trajectory according to his status.

RYAN ADAMS started last year on his path of self-redemption with “Wednesday”, an acoustic, intimate and contritional album. An artist’s work that appears humble with his head bowed for not being able to raise his eyes to the outside, but with a somewhat flat and unconvincing final result. A few months later it seems that he has chosen to carry out his “honor” to see if he recovers favors. BIG COLORS supposes searching among a lot of the artist’s musical heritage to embrace sounds of undoubted preference for pop or pop rock that to date he had played somewhat tangentially or as a diversion (that 1989 could be the clearest precedent to this Ryan of Big Colors). This means that if you want to listen to Ryan more to use bad place this to reconcile

“Big Color” s is a pop rock album that clear. Ryan rescues his compositions with roots in the music that sounded in his transfers to school when he was 15 years old and that somehow makes him long for other times, what to say but about “Manchester” (a fascinating song), but that seems signed by Marr / Morrisey in a pop vein, or that Power that is pure Billy Idol; “I Surrender” or “Summer Rain”, which could well appear in the soundtrack of a John Hughes film alongside a song from Simple Minds, that “Do Not Disturb” that is Brian Ferry, or the beautiful “Showtime” , full of strings where Adams watches those Bunnymen so crooners. Of course there are still a bit of intimate folk songs like “Fuck The Rain”, like “What Am I”, or “In It For The Pleasure”, although on second thought… now that folk is pop, and if not that Ask those who praise Lana del Rey or Taylor Swift, without a doubt we can conclude that in a risky movement of extreme contortionism, Ryan has decided that we turn our eyes to him in a radical way, which I do not know if he will It will give results in the face of the public and the follower that it could have, but in my case, it has undoubtedly had fruit, because it has kept me glued to the viewer enjoying how it balances on that narrow rope that holds it in the abyss and without a doubt, ego I absolve a peccatis tuis in nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti.