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Superhero movies, and especially Marvel movies, have changed the way great blockbusters are made. Thanks to them, post-credit scenes have become extremely common; it is not at all strange to see that people stay in theaters waiting for that last glimpse of the film. Another element popularized by superhero tapes are easter eggs; that is, the search for hidden references to popular culture.

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The reality is that the first to be called that was in a video game. The very famous secret room in Adventure (1980) in which we learn that the creator of the game is Warren Robinett . At that time Atari did not want to know who designed the games to avoid brain drain, among other things. In that sense, this secret has a political intention.

Today they have a playful intention that helps to involve the viewer in the film. Free Guy: Taking Control – 96% is a clear example of this. In fact, Ryan Reynolds himself has admitted in an interview for Collider that were put to play with the cultural imaginary and for the public to have a good time:

For me, they are easter eggs. There are so many in the movie and so many little hidden cameos. I love movies that embrace and play with the cultural landscape, and it does them in ways that are expected and unexpected. I just want audiences to have fun.

Shawn Levy, the director mentioned something terribly true. In a movie made by the mastermind behind Deadpool – 84% and by a producer of Stranger Things, the easter eggs could not be missing:

When you have the producer, writers, and star of Deadpool and the producer of Stranger Things, there’s a great cultural literacy quotient in that we love popular culture. We want to make allusions to it and contribute to it. So I’m just going to say that there are a few references and easter eggs in Free Guy that are just as juicy as anything I’ve ever made.

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Here are some of the ones we know from the trailers, trailers, and interviews:

Grand Theft Auto y Grand Theft Auto Online

The first trailer and, in itself, the concept of the film referred several of us to Grand Theft Auto and specifically to the online multiplayer mode, which, in order not to invent the wheel, is called Grand Theft Auto Online. Both Reynolds and Shawn Levy have confirmed this relationship. The first in an interview for Cinema Blend said:

It was just really nice playing a character that felt a bit like: What if you threw Elf in Grand Theft Auto?

Levy he has also admitted that. In fact, when those of Screen Rant had the opportunity to interview him, they asked him specifically about Grand Theft Auto Online and the fact that in that game you can do the same as on the tape; that is, kill the same NPC on a daily basis. The director admitted that he did use it as a reference for the film:

Yes, I am well aware of that. And it was definitely a big part of it. I played it casually and it was an important part of our research for this movie.

It should come as no surprise that the movie has references to that franchise. One of the most obvious is the name of the game Guy lives in: Free City. That name, which alludes to the theme of the film, can easily be a reference to Liberty City, which is a fictional city inspired by New York, which has been the setting for several of those games; including the first one already Grand Theft Auto IV.

In the first trailer there is a scene that is a treasure room with references to Grand Theft Auto. It is when they enter a garage and there we can see a yellow sports car very similar to the Pegassi Tempesta from GTA Online; a pink Hummer-style vehicle that resembles the one featured in the “Ill Gotten Gains DLC art and an orange Camaro; it is found in more than one game in the franchise.

Payday 2

As I already said, the concept of a multiplayer in which you have to rob banks has made more than one person think about Grand Theft Auto. The same director has admitted it, although he also mentioned similar games. The bank robbery scene referred many to the popular cooperative heist game Pay Day 2. In it you can raid all kinds of establishments, including the one already mentioned. One of the characteristics of this game is that the main characters wear clown masks. In the movie that Guy kills, he wears a skull mask that could well be an allusion to that game.


One of the most popular genres in the world of video games is Battle Royales and the king of them is undoubtedly Fortnite. It is an indisputable part of our popular imagination and various elements reminiscent of that game can be seen in the trailer; Players gliding across the stage or shooting while getting off a zip line are things you see on a daily basis. Fortnite. He did not invent that, but he popularized it and therefore the similar scenes that we see in the film can be references. Already going to more indisputable references. In the first trailer we can see that a player is doing one of the typical Fortnite dances for which she became so famous; specifically, the “Orange Justice”. The other reference is the rabbit costume that Mouser wears in the movie, it is very similar to the Looter Rabbit skin. In fact, several of the strange costumes that the game’s characters wear seem to be allusions to the skins that characterize that Battle Royale.

Groundhoh Day

As a good video game character, Guy dies on multiple occasions. What is your reset point? Taking a lesson from the classic tape, Spell of Time – 96%, the protagonist appears in their bed. The difference is that here at the beginning that is part of your daily routine until you understand that you are in a video game.

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¿Conoces a Joe Black?

Due to the referential nature of the film, it was impossible that the deaths were not an allusion to some element of popular culture. In the first trailer we can see that Guy is run over by a black truck and immediately a taxi. In the fantasy romance Do You Know Joe Black? – 51%, the character played by Brad Pitt is possessed by Death after he is hit by a white van and then a taxi.

Mortal Kombat

In the advances there are two that can be noticed. In the first trailer when Guy takes a gun from a player and kills him, he leaves a hole in his stomach. This apparently gore scene has reminded more than one person of the fatalities that characterize Mortal Kombat and specifically to Liu Kang’s Burnout movement; which consists of that character filling his opponent with holes with a bare fist. On the other hand, in the last trailer we can see that a girl tells another to finish him off and her character kicks her in the testicles and on the screen says Brutality Bonus. This is a reference to brutalities. If the first are the showy and bloody deaths that you do to your opponent, the second are a series of blows that end in an explosion of blood.

Read Dead Redemption / Overwatch / Man with no name

One of the scenes we have seen is Guy breaking the arm of a cowboy who tried to surprise him with a knife. More than one person has believed they saw McCree in him, the bandit of the popular multiplayer first shooter Overwatch. That said, his appearance can also refer us to John Marston, protagonist of the popular game Dead Red Redemption from Rockstar, the makers of Grand Theft Auto. Simplifying many things, we could say that it is like the last game, but in the west. The reality is that both characters are actually a reference to the Man with No Name, a popular character played by Clint Eastwood in the dollar trilogy (For a Handful of Dollars – 98%, For A Few Dollars More – 94%, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – 97%), spaghetti westerns by Sergio Leone.

Molotov Girl

The avatar that Milly (Jodie Comer) uses could be an allusion to a number of different things. Its aesthetic refers us to the famous explorer inspired by the pulp stories Indiana Jones. For the same reason, it also refers us to different characters derived from it. The main one that came to the minds of many of course was Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, but in the same way it could be an allusion to The Mummy – 58%, Uncharted or in one of those a Spelunky. Of course, it must be remembered that the director for a moment was going to direct a film of Uncharted, so it’s most likely a reference to that.


In the promotional video called “Next Level Reynolds” we could see a character who is described as an improved version of Guy. He’s basically the same, but over-muscled and retains his iconic blue shirt like a tattoo on a pectoral. That character looks like a reference to the classic red mushroom from Mario Bros. that consuming it makes the character grow bigger. Your muscles can also refer to two other things. On the one hand, it could be a reference to the transformation of little boxer Little Mac into a muscular giant called Giga Mac in Punch Out Wii and Super Smash Bros. Another likely option is that it is a reference to the super soldier serum that turns Steve Rogers from a small, skinny young man to the muscular Captain America we saw for so many years in the MCU.


That Disney cult movie is basically the mother of CGI in film and video game movies. Like Free Guy: Taking Control – 96% is not based on any game, although it exists thanks to the fact that the director was intrigued by the classic Pong. For this reason, it is simply reasonable to think that we are going to see an easter egg of her on the tape. Levy has neither affirmed nor denied it. In fact, he flatly said that this was classified information in an interview for CinemaBlend. What he did affirm is that during filming the soundtrack of Tron: The Legacy – 51% of Daft Punk rang on more than one occasion.

The secret easter egg

Jodie Comer promised to Cinema Blend that there is a particular easter egg that is going to blow our minds and that we cannot talk about until the movie comes out:

I think there is a very big one that is a classified secret, with which everyone is very excited.

Will it be an appearance by Deadpool? From someone from the MCU or Star Wars? Shigeru Miyamoto? We’ll have to watch the movie to find out this August 12 in your favorite theater. Remember Free Guy: Taking Control – 96% will release only in theaters.

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