Passion for the motor and disappointment with Hollywood: 10 curiosities of Steve Coogan

This actor has stood out over the years thanks to his acid and underground touch, and for being more English than the tea of ​​the five. Steve Coogan began his career as a comedian in British stand up comedy, but his big indie hit was the movie ’24 Hour Party People ‘, a film about the legends and stories of Manchester marching bands during the 70s, 80s and 90.

Born in Manchester in 1965, Coogan has been nominated twice for Oscars thanks to his participation in the film that turns 6 today, ‘Philomena’ (best film and best screenplay). In addition, this comedian has been nominated up to 14 times for the BAFTA awards, having taken home the award 5 times. For this reason, we wanted to celebrate Judi Dench’s great film by collecting the best curiosities and controversial statements that Coogan has given throughout his career:

Steve Coogan Trivia

1 Actor and imitator
Actor and imitator

Throughout his career he has been considered one of the most versatile actors of his generation.

He has stood out for having a very varied range of voices, and a gift for imitating, comparing him to Peter Sellers himself. In fact, he was considered to give life to the mythical comedian in ‘Call me Peter’, but the role went to Geoffrey Rush.

2 Birth of the myth
Birth of the myth

Coogan’s famous character, Alan Partritge, based it on a radio host who interviewed him once when his career was beginning to take off.

The Englishman began to imitate the announcer while interviewing him and from there Partritge came out. Also, with the passage of time, people say that Coogan is mutating in Partritge, but the actor declares that it is rather the opposite.

3 thousand you
thousand you

Among its wide catalog of voices and imitations, we can find such famous actors as: Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Stephen Hawking, Michael Caine, Ian McKellen, Liam Neeson, Ray Winstone, Alan Rickman, Harry Enfield, John Major, Al Pacino, Martin Sheen.

If you ever run into Coogan, he will be able to do any of these in front of you. Then you need to feel like it.

4 Let me do it
Let me do it

On set, actors often leave their position to the specialist when the real action occurs.

This is due to the danger that the actor will be injured and lose money to the production. Sometimes the actors do these scenes to maintain the realism of the story. But Coogan thinks he just does it because it’s so much fun.

5 Transparent

The actor likes to play himself as an idiotic and distasteful person, because he thinks bringing a lovable character to life that hooks the audience is more difficult.

“I’ve had a lot of controversial news about myself in the newspapers. But I don’t like to portray myself as perfect.”.

6 You have to be careful
You have to be careful

Coogan has a very clear opinion on improvisation within comedy:

“Most actors can improvise solvent, but up to a certain level. Improvising within comedy at a high level is very difficult. What usually happens is that actors tend to have a better time than the audience when they improvise.”.

7 Who cares?
Who cares?

Coogan has always been reluctant to talk about his private life, and he shies away from tabloid magazines even though it may get him a new kitchen.

“I like to be creative, but I am not interested in being recognized for my life in the tabloids. But what I will never do is justify my actions in the press. When I see a famous person apologizing for his departure from everything, I think I do not know do you any favors “.

8 Magnificent collection
Magnificent collection

One of his great hobbies is motor racing. It has a large collection of 10 top-of-the-range English cars. Among them there is a Lotus, a Morgan or an Aston Martin.

But Coogan holds them in such high regard that he worries about damaging them if he drives them too often. The comedian just cleans them, takes them out on a Sunday for a little walk, and cleans them again.

9 Covering up the sun
Covering up the sun

English must be one of the few people in the world who thinks that England has an enviable climate.

Coogan is a lover of rain and gray skies. He does not like to spend his vacations in sunny places and prefers to go to the Lake District to read automotive history books and magazines. In addition, he goes out to practice his favorite sport, cycling, when the sun is out.

10 Hollywood jobs
Hollywood jobs

Despite the large batch of English actors working in Hollywood, Coogan does not have a great memory of his work in the American continent. After his work in ‘Around the world in 80 days’, and in the saga ‘Night at the museum’, the actor sees his Hollywood journey as a mistake.

“I went to America and did mediocre roles in mediocre movies. I never did them because I wanted to. I did them because they told me I should do them. I felt uncomfortable. I felt like an asshole.”.

Future projects

The Englishman will continue to keep a low profile for the next year and will only participate in those projects that appeal to him enough. Some principles that Coogan has followed to the letter during the last years of his career. At the end of the year the film ‘Greed’ will be released in the United Kingdom, a film that shows us the daily life of a millionaire, and where it will coincide with Isla Fisher and Asa Butterfield.

On the other hand, he will give voice to one of the characters of ‘The Adventures of Drunky’, an animated comedy that will show us the life of Drunky, a fly that is in the middle of a cosmic bet between God and the Devil on destiny from the earth. In the film you can also hear actors like Jeffrey Tambor or Sam Rockwell.


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Passion for the motor and disappointment with Hollywood: 10 curiosities of Steve Coogan