August 3, 2021

partnership with Starpool for the well-being of guests and golfers

Not only exclusive playgrounds, but also innovative systems for the regeneration of body and mind. Mira Hotels & Resorts has entered into a new partnership with Starpool, an Italian company specializing in the health and psychophysical wellbeing sector. The collaboration has already concretely translated into the design of the whole spa of the Mira Riva Toscana (the fourth resort of the group that will be inaugurated in the autumn) by Starpool, as well as in the introduction, at the Apulian Mira Acaya Golf & Resort and the Sicilian Mira Borgo di Luce The Monasteries, of the cot Zerobody: a system that, through the therapeutic power of dry float therapy, regenerates the mind and body by floating in the absence of gravity over 400 liters of hot water, in “dry” mode, without the need to undress.

Wellness and golf play a central role in the Mira holiday: three of the four structures managed by the group in Sicily, Puglia, Piedmont and Tuscany, in fact, boast playing fields unique from a design and landscape point of view. Made by leading personalities in the sector (Hurdzan & Frye, Mezzacane architects, Giulio Cavalsani), cover areas of over 6 thousand square meters, with courses of 18 holes and par 71/72. Mira is also a member of Golf è Donna: a campaign created by the Italian Golf Federation to enhance the presence of women in the sector, and is the promoter of the Mira in Rosa project. Finally, the company will sponsor the Pro Am Mira Hotels & Resorts 2021 competition, included in the Pgai ladies & senior national championships. The company will support the competition on 6-7 December (Pro – Am Mira Senior Championship Pgai) and the final on 8 December (final Pgai Senior Championship) which will be held in the structure of the Monasteries.