August 3, 2021

“Outgoing companies are not daughters of a lesser god”

New, firm stance of the president of Fiavet national, Ivana Jelinic, this time in relation to the affirmation of the foreign minister, Luigi Di Maio who yesterday returned to invite Italians to stay in our country for the holidays. “Luigi Di Maio’s statements leave us stunned – affirms the president Fiavet in an official note -. We find that our Minister of Foreign Affairs pronounces against the Italian companies that “export tourism”. In fact, Italian companies are also those that bring Italians abroad. Companies that pay taxes and contributions in Italy and participate in the creation of GDP. There are many travel agencies that have not even raised the shutter because their core business consists of long-haul travel that has not yet restarted ”.

“The most important revenues in the tourism sector are in fact generated, in the context of tour operating and travel agencies, precisely in segments such as honeymoons abroad, large international tours – continues Jelinic -. These Italian companies are not daughters of a lesser God and cannot change business like changing clothes. The invitation to travel to Italy strongly unbalances the market, already exacerbated by the competition that arises in times of difficulty. Furthermore, even if the other states applied the same principle, we would not have the much coveted foreign tourists who represent more than 52% of the presences in our country and generate wealth especially in the cities of art, because tourism is not only sea and mountains, on the contrary . The statement of a member of the Government is, for the umpteenth time, a lash for Fiavet-Confcommercio companies that deal with outgoing. “.