August 1, 2021

Olympics, Tokyo: social attack against Ferrari, Biles defends them

Hot gymnastics in Tokyo. A post attributes to the blue a racist phrase not spoken by her, but insults and threats are triggered on social networks. The US Olympian: “Stop it, Vanessa has nothing to do with it”

The Olympics has not yet begun and Vanessa Ferrari has already begun to jump through hoops. This time to defend himself from accusations, posthumous and wrong, of racism against Simone Biles. All the fault of an old declaration by Carlotta Ferlito after the final at the beam of the World Cup in Antwerp, where the former blue and the world champion had placed respectively in fourth and fifth place behind Biles.

An unhappy sentence rescued yesterday from a social post: “Next time Vanessa and I will paint our faces black to win”. A slip dictated by the heat of the dispute and immediately followed by an apology from the athlete and federgymnastics. A closed case, buried under a blanket of magnesium dust. But despite the right to be forgotten, the web does not forget and so the question, from which Ferrari has always called itself out, has returned to the fore. As soon as that old statement not hers was re-launched, Vanessa was hit by a real shitstorm, from which she had to defend herself with a social post.

“I am attacked with comments and insults for a racist phrase, against @simonebiles, which I never said! This was said by a teammate of mine, in 2013, and I have nothing to do with it. Someone blamed me unfairly and this is shared without first verifying that this is true. Those who are sharing this post against me should take their own conscience, because they are blaming the wrong person. ” Such violence as to force Queen Simone Biles to intervene personally in defense of the 2006 Aarhus World Champion, responding in the comments of the post.

The multi-Olympic American has apologized to Vanessa for what happened by proposing a peace meeting: “I hope to meet you on the platform and officially apologize for what you had to suffer. In the meantime, good luck to you at team Italy!”. Simone and Vanessa, queens even off the platforms.