August 1, 2021

“No quarantine for those who are vaccinated, let’s do it as in the US”

No mandatory quarantine for the vaccinated, a single dose of vaccine for those who have had Covid (no later than 12 months) and a Green pass that will allow progressive freedom even in the yellow and orange areas. This is what the Undersecretary for Health says Pierpaolo Sileri, who today hosted by Tgcom24 illustrated his ideas that he will try to propose to the government in the coming days. «I believe that an adjustment to the vaccine quarantine can and will have to be made“, Said Sileri,”as well as allowing the heterologous », the mix of vaccines between the first and second dose,« even over 60 years. I have been insisting on this for a long time and I hope to be heard more sooner or later».

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The first point, argues Sileri, is there quarantine for those who have been vaccinated against Covid with a full cycle. «Because if I take a plane and there is a positive in front of me» today «I risk quarantine even if I did the two doses. If we already say that, as happens for example in the US, quarantine is not carried out if the two doses of vaccine have been made, this is a good incentive for vaccination, because it gives greater freedom and security“. They are, continued Sileri, “little things that entice”.

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The other aspect, that is allow heterologous vaccination even over the age of 60 “Would give greater flexibility” in the choices and “help” adhesion to the shield injection. Could vaccinations on the farm also contribute? “For this, a rule could be needed, but it must be evaluated with extreme attention. Surely – he argues – if the first doses were to stop suddenly because people do not get vaccinated then something will have to be thought about. Because we understand well the risk of having a 50% of the population vaccinated and a 50% that remains a viral reservoir. But I am very confident that nothing else will be needed and that the population has understood perfectly, after 130 thousand deaths “in the country caused by the pandemic.

For the recovered single dose within 12 months

“Many people don’t get vaccinated because they still have antibodies after having the virus 8 months ago. It is clear that we have to change that rule which “provides for the possibility of making one.” single dose within 6 months since the infection took place, and “bring this threshold to one year. The ministry will do this today and up to a year “from the disease only one dose can be taken, added Sileri according to which” an adjustment on the quarantine for vaccinated people can and must also be made, because if I take a plane and in front of there is a positive for me »today« I risk quarantine even if I did the two doses. If we already say that, as happens for example in the US, quarantine is not carried out if the two doses of vaccine have been made, this is already a good incentive for vaccination, because it gives greater freedom and security. They are small things that entice ».

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«The Italian route to the Green pass is prior to the French one, it is the same route in May, an opportunity not to close. Today, if you have infections on the climb, review the parameters and give a greater weight to the admissions, but those will also go up. And if a region must become yellow or orange “, a color that has restrictions compared to white,” between a limitation that affects everyone and a limitation that does not exist for the Green pass, it is clear that we all prefer “the latter” rather than the closure. Also because you can get the Green pass if you are cured, if you have taken a test or if you have had the vaccine ». What will happen? «The pass will allow progressive freedom», it will be progressively used «according to the risk of gathering and the circulation of the virus. It is not a reason for restriction – he assured – but a reason for opening up against the restrictions that could exist in the absence of a green pass ».

«Europeans? They just accelerated contagions»

Against the ‘European effect’ on Covid infections, “something more likely could have been done, but it is clear that you cannot leave the population at home, nor can you close a square, nor avoid the celebrations. The infections have also risen »elsewhere. «It is an epidemic wave of a variant that from Northern Europe is invading the rest of Europe and is increasing dramatically even in the nations that have not reached the end of the Europeans. So, surely the Europeans have given an acceleration but »an increase in infections« would have been inevitable even without it. Maybe we would have had these infections not today, but in two weeks ».

“I believe – he added – that unfortunately this was inevitable and it is clear that the use of the mask would have helped not a little, but it is already indicated” where there is a crowd. “Respect for the rules can make a difference. I said already after the semifinal that we risked 10 thousand infections at the end of the month, but we do not blame only the Europeans », he pointed out. There extension of the state of emergency until 31 December is confirmed? “I don’t know if it will be until 31 December, but I believe that at least 3 months are necessary given what we are experiencing throughout Europe”, where several countries are grappling with a new surge in infections driven by the Delta variant of Sars-CoV -2.

The revision of the parameters on the colors of the Regions

“It has already been announced by this ministry that there will be a review of the parameters” on the basis of which the transitions between the colored areas will be triggered. “We are waiting for the control room.” It is a question of «a due act. I’ve been asking for weeks, because the type of people who become positive changes. The Delta variant “of Sars-CoV-2” must surely worry us, because the infections are rising and will continue to rise and will reach levels in my opinion very close to those of the United Kingdom by the end of the summer, but this will not express itself in a conspicuous increase in hospitalized patients and those who risk dying “, said Sileri speaking of the Covid situation in Italy today, with regions such as Lazio, Veneto, Sardinia and Sicily already over 50 infections per 100 thousand inhabitants and the ongoing debate for revision of the parameters on the basis of which to guide any restrictions.

“If we go back to January 2021, when the United Kingdom had more or less the same infections as today, that is, around 60 thousand, we see that the number of deaths at that time was ten times higher. That is, at that time people traveled at the rate of a thousand deaths a day, today they have less than 100 deaths. Changing the parameters means adapting them to a new epidemiological situation that sees a circulation of the virus that is certainly uphill “which involves” many young subjects “and if one is vaccinated it affects” in a lighter form “.

Therefore, Sileri concluded, there is talk of “adapting the parameters to a new situation that today has an additional variable, which is that of increasing vaccination in our population. It doesn’t mean changing parameters to stay open. And certainly the percentage of Covid patients who arrive in intensive care and medical wards must be taken into considerable consideration in deciding what color that region will have. And at this point we must then add the fundamental role that the Green pass will have ».

«Increase in cases especially among the unvaccinated»

In the coming weeks there will be a further increase in infections, especially among the unvaccinated, said Sileri in another interview on R101. This summer “we expect an increase in cases – he said to the radio station – mainly in those who have not had the vaccine, a share will be those who have done only a dose and a minority share in those who have already done the vaccine. vaccine”. As for the risk of ending up in hospital, Sileri says: «Let’s assume that the number of ICU admissions will depend on age and whether they have had the vaccine or not. Mostly older people will go to hospital, and frail unvaccinated people».

«The virus in the very young – he underlines – often passes like a cold or in asymptomatic form, But even if it were only one in which it does not pass in asymptomatic form, why die at 20 from a virus that you can easily cope with with a vaccine? “He asks the undersecretary. And on the Delta variant: «I fear it will grow like the United Kingdom, I don’t see why Italy should have fewer cases. Perhaps we will not reach 40,000 – says Sileri – but even if we reached 20, 25,000 cases would be a problem ».

“For teachers we need moral suasion”

Do you need a form of obligation for teachers who have not yet vaccinated against Covid? “In reality, 215 thousand teachers are not vaccinated” against Covid. “In absolute numbers it seems very high, while instead it is a low percentage compared to the total number of teachers and located in some regions. I believe that a moral suasion is necessary in those regions which otherwise would have serious problems in teaching. But the 15% of the unvaccinated will not be very different from the general population, where I believe that 15% “of vaccinated people” will not get vaccinated. We have to do a convincing action that can also be done with small things ».

«The advice I give to teachers is to get vaccinated – he added – The most important point is that they have to do it for themselves. Above all, teachers will go to schools where under 12 the vaccine does not yet exist and therefore the viral circulation in those classes and the risk may be higher. And the 50-year-old teacher who catches the virus “and is not protected by the vaccine” is at greater risk “of going to intensive care. So my advice is: get vaccinated for yourself, even more than for others “.

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