August 3, 2021

NBA, Jrue Holiday collects 1 million bonuses: the Bucks will pay the luxury tax

The victory of the NBA title guarantees the former Pelicans a million dollar bonus: a figure that brings the salary cap of the Bucks above the limit set beyond which to pay the luxury tax. An economic sacrifice that could have repercussions on the accounts of Milwaukee in the coming years, but which in Wisconsin they will make with great pleasure after a historic triumph

NBA owners often repeat like a mantra the phrase: “I am willing to pay the luxury tax, but only for a team capable of winning the title“. However, no one had ascertained the direct application of this rule as happened to the management of the Milwaukee Bucks who, after overcoming the Phoenix Suns in game-6, began to deal In fact, the Jrue Holiday contract provides for a million dollar bonus in case of victory of the NBA title: that incentive started, in Milwaukee, after starting the season below the limit of the luxury tax, they found themselves to be above – at the end of aggressive market transactions, carried out to convince Giannis Antetokounmpo of the goodness of the Bucks project. In fact, in Wisconsin they have taken action on several occasions to settle the accounts and avoid overpaying: the last time in Milwaukee he spent more than expected was the 2002-03 season, but this year it was really impossible to avoid it.

The PJ Tucker affair and the risky sale of Torrey Craig

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The PJ Tucker operation, for example, in addition to bringing a fundamental player into the roster in the Bucks playoff ride, thanks to the addition of Rodions Kurucs – then cut – allowed Milwaukee to get rid of DJ Augustin’s and DJ Wilson’s contracts. Net result: $ 1.5 million less wages to be counted. Similar speech for Torrey Craig, sent to Phoenix and a move that could prove counterproductive right at the Finals: the Suns reserve lent a hand to his new teammates, but Milwaukee’s sacrifice allowed the Wisconsin franchise to avoid paying the remainder of his salary. Maneuvers that allowed Milwaukee to stay below the luxury tax of approximately $ 1.25 million, invested in part in adding Jeff Teague to the team.

The season full of bonuses and successes of Jrue Holiday

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The player who blew the bank, however, is Jrue Holiday, gone – fortunately for the Bucks – far beyond expectations with his performance: the former Pelicans has cashed $ 100,000 bonus after being named to the NBA All-Defense First Five, as well as earning some another 200,000 thanks to the achievement of the Finals. Then, the coup de grace for the Bucks’ accounts, with the one million bonus following the title victory: an economic sacrifice made with great pleasure by a team that has returned to the top of NBA basketball 50 years after the last time. An ancillary expense that will be easily repaid by the proceeds linked to a success that will have positive repercussions in the months to come. The wage problem arises when a team stays in the luxury tax zone for at least three seasons in a four-year period: hypothesis that Milwaukee will hardly be able to avoid, given the long and heavy contracts of Antetokounmpo, Middleton and Holiday, to which will be added the renewals for Tucker and Portis. Avoiding exceeding the luxury tax limit this year would have been convenient, but in Milwaukee they have an extra Larry O’Brien Trophy on their showcase to display and console themselves with.