August 3, 2021

Muddy Waters, the other father of rock | Sound Sofa

Muddy Waters left school as a child to work in the fields. His future, at best, was to drive a tractor from sunrise to sunset on some lost farm south of the Mississippi. But something happened that changed his life and also the course of popular music. One day documentary maker Alan Lomax crossed his path. Actually, Lomax was looking for Robert Johnson, who had passed away a few years earlier. Lomax recorded Waters a session in the early 1940s near the farm where he worked and before continuing his musical journey. He promised Muddy that he would send him a copy of that recording. Lomax kept his word and when Waters first heard his voice he decided to drop everything. He picked up his guitar, a couple of clean clothes, and headed, like many other blacks, north. To Chicago.

Few musicians have had such a notable influence on the development of rock n roll as Muddy Waters. Once in Chicago, the musician signed for Chess Records and throughout the fifties he signed some of the most important songs in electric blues, the father of rock n roll. The history of Muddy Waters is one of the most fascinating in music. ORn tale full of life twists in the story of a peasant who became one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. His life and work are fascinating. From his first recording to his last works in the 80s, through his albums in Chess, his award-winning collaborations with Johnny Winter to his participation in The Band’s Last Waltz.

Muddy Waters’ career is exceptional beyond his best-known songs and that is why he has been chosen to close this third season of Sofá Sonoro. A musical journey that we travel in the company of Manuel Recio Y Joserra Rodrigo together with the reports of Lucía Taboada and Ana Alonso.


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