Michael Douglas finally ‘divorces’ Diandra, the woman who discovered Mallorca

“I’m old enough to realize that ‘A happy wife, happy life’. Diandra is no longer the co-owner of S’Estaca, sharing it was not pleasant for anyone. Catherine is very happy here, we have our privacy and everyone is very nice to us. I can’t imagine any other place in the Mediterranean with these views of the coast. “Michael Douglas confirmed a few days ago in an interview in the Balearic newspaper ‘Ultima Hora’ that, despite having tried to sell the property for years, he has finally opted for keeping it. And not only that, but also He has bought his share from his former wife for 23 years, Diandra Douglas.

The American actor and his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, have spent this year a long vacation on the island. The couple is very involved with different projects to preserve the Serra and they seem to be more rooted than ever in their spectacular country house (if you can call it that), one of the most emblematic properties on the island. S’Estaca houses seven independent buildings which include five apartments, a loft and two adjacent casitas. Swimming pool, wine cellar, open-air kitchen, private access to the sea and an organic garden where there used to be a friendly scarecrow with the face of Donald Trump.

These are the coordinates of the Mallorcan mansion where the marriage formed by Michael and Diandra Douglas lived their best years. From its terraces the view is lost between the Mediterranean Sea and the Tramuntana mountains. Despite its spectacularity, the (ex) Douglas they had been trying to sell it for years without succeeding, to the point of lowering the price of the house to half of what they were asking for at first.

A headache

The first time it was released on the market, in 2014, the price was set at 55 million euros. Then it was substantially lowered. First to 48 million, then to 36.5 and then to 28.5 million euros. Although there were offers at this time, none came to fruition. In the background, the problems generated by the ex-marriage’s decision to share her after their divorce. What at first was a friendly arrangement became with time and the arrival of each one’s new families a headache.

The fact is that it was Diandra de Morrell Douglas, Michael’s wife from 1977 to 2000, who transmitted her passion for Mallorca to Michael Douglas. His father, a Swiss-American diplomat, discovered the island on a vacation, and she spent the summer there since she was born. In fact, he speaks Spanish and Mallorcan perfectly. Diandra has recalled in an interview how her mother, an Anglo-French woman who lived between Paris and Washington DC, went every summer to the Palma Nautical Club to sail on a sailboat, where they coincided with Don Juan Carlos.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones show off their holidays in Mallorca

Jorge C. Parcero

It was also Diandra who led to a price reduction to be able to sell it. The ex-marriage has had better and worse times. When her oldest son, Cameron, published a book about his experience of several years in prison for drug possession, Diandra campaigned with Michael Douglas for cases like her son’s to be treated psychologically and not penal.

Michael Douglas bought S’Estaca from his then very young wife Diandra as an act of love in 1989. They met while she was a fellow at the White House and married within a few months. She was 19 and Michael 32.

The property was built in the mid-8th century by the Archduke Louis Salvador of Austria, one of the most admired characters locally by Majorcans. Born in Florence in 1847, the son of Leopold III of Tuscany and Marie Antoinette of Bourbon, he arrived in Mallorca in 1867 to escape from the Viennese court. There he fell in love with a young Mallorcan woman, Catalina Homar, whom he taught to read and write (such as ‘My Fair Lady’) and took charge of the farm. Despite the obvious class difference, they never hid their relationship and say that Catherine came to personally treat the archduke’s cousin, Empress Sissi, who visited Mallorca fleeing from Vienna and the tragic suicide of her son Rodolfo.

All the lives of Diandra

The estate, built on a 100 hectare parcel of land, has witnessed all the lives of Diandra Douglas. The American broke up in 2000 with Michael Douglas after an infidelity by him, but they reached an agreement to continue jointly holding the property. Later, Diandra married businessman and environmental activist Michael Klein, from whom she also separated. He has two twin sons adolescents as a result of his relationship with Zachary Hampton Bacon III and a daughter adopted in Russia, Imara.

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Michael Douglas finally ‘divorces’ Diandra, the woman who discovered Mallorca