August 3, 2021

Mercato – Bara: Laporta finally plays transparency with Griezmann – football

During the presentation of the rookie Memphis Depay, the president of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta explained the situation of Antoine Griezmann. And as expected, the Catalan club does not retain the French striker because of his financial difficulties.

Antoine Griezmann is not retained by the Bara.

Antoine Griezmann is not fooled. Given the many rumors, the 30-year-old striker has surely understood FC Barcelona’s intentions for a while.

No doubt long before the start of discussions with Atletico Madrid for a change with midfielder Saul Niguez (26).

Le Bara count on Griezmann, unless …

The French can not ignore the situation of his club, forced to reduce his payroll in order to extend Lionel Messi and approve the contracts of his recruits.

Griezmann, often disappointing and who is one of the biggest salaries in the workforce, therefore represents the ideal target. Of course, Joan Laporta does not use the same terms to evoke the future of the French. But during the presentation of Memphis Depay this Thursday, the president of Bara finally recognized what everyone had a presentiment of. Indeed, the leader is counting on Griezmann next season , unless certain movements occur

Laporta admits his difficulties

It was already possible to read between the lines but the journalists present at this press conference evidently reminded him on the subject. The clubs are in trouble. Griezmann is a coveted player, there are interested clubs and we are building the squad by seeking financial balance, Laporta explained. We have no problem with Antoine, we are happy with him. But if the transfer window moves, we are open to all offers that arise because we are in a delicate moment.

The French will not be brad

We have to rebalance our accounts because of financial fair play, he added. We must therefore speak with all our players so that this does not harm them. We are looking for this balance and we are open to all options, but not those that prevent us from building a competitive team. Incidentally, the president and his football director Mateu Alemany let it be known that Bara was not ready to accept everything to part with Griezmann. A message in particular addressed Atletico, with whom discussions are not progressing.

For his part, the international tricolor can only live badly his unflattering status. The Blaugrana will have to be satisfied with the sincerity of its superiors. Moreover, his entourage also played cards on the table by entrusting L’Equipe with this game even though it was not not ready to accept any conditions of departure, simply because the Bara finds itself in a complicated situation. At least the two parts are fixed.

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