Martin Lawrence is Miami’s funniest cop again in “Bad Boys Forever” – Tvshow – 01/24/2020

Martin Lawrence, comedian and movie star, is doing well. He lives comfortably in Beverly Hills and from there he talks about Bad boy forever, which brings him together with Will Smith, to re-make a hilarious cops and robbers movie.

But on her mind was not the luxury of Beverly Hills, but her childhood, her upbringing in Maryland with five children of a single mother who worked as a cashier in a store.

“Difficult times were the only ones we lived through,” Lawrence recalled. “My family had no money. We lived in the government Section 8 housing units. Did I mention that I am the fourth of six children? “

“The miracle is that my mother never gave up,” he continued. “He always found a way to put food on the table. His mother was a great help and brought us food when things were very bad. He would buy us a new pair of pants, which was quite a victory. “

“It was a fight that still defines the American dream,” he says.

When Two rebel cops (1995) became a box office hit, Lawrence paid off some of those old debts.

Bad Boys.  Forever
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, together they are dynamite.

“The first thing I did was rebuild my mom’s house in North Carolina, where she was living at the time,” said the comedian. “It was a ruined place, but that changed. I fixed it. And then I bought him a car. “

“Then I thought, ‘Enough of always having people fix the old house,'” Lawrence added. “I bought him a new house in California.”

Bad Boys forever, which premiered yesterday in Uruguay, reunites Lawrence and Smith for the first time since Two rebel cops 2 (2003), which grossed nearly $ 375 million at the international box office. This time, Detectives Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) must deal with middle age. There are also Vanessa Hudgens, Charles Melton and Joe Pantoliano returns as Captain Howard.

It’s been 17 years, Lawrence said, but he’s never been allowed to forget the saga.

“Will and I have been waiting,” Lawrence said. “The fans have been waiting. I can’t leave the house without someone asking me when the new de Bad Boys. Everyone has been asking me the same question for years, and I always had the same answer: ‘Let’s do it when the script is ready.’

“It took all this time to find a good argument, but it was worth the wait, says Lawrence. “We want to give people some quality. It’s no good rushing good work, even if it takes a decade. “

And, according to that great argument, what is Marcus Burnett doing now?

“Well, he’s older,” Lawrence said. “He is married and wants to retire. Will’s character Mike wants him back to collaborate again. Beyond that, I can’t tell you much because I don’t want to ruin the movie by revealing everything. “

“But that way you get an idea,” he commented. “I don’t want to be a detective anymore, but something forces me to go back and offer my support.”

However, filming an action movie at 54 is not as easy as it was at 29.

“I did get hurt a bit,” Lawrence admitted. “It was almost during the last days of filming in Miami. We did a big escape scene and I had to sprint, but I pulled a muscle in my thigh. I had to sit down to recover for a while, but it was okay, because we were almost done. “

“It’s hard being a bad boy when you’re in middle age,” he laughed.

Lawrence and Smith are friends beyond the screen.

“I love Will, and we always stayed in touch over the years because we are good friends,” Lawrence said. “So it was a joy to come back on set every day to shoot the new movie and be together again. I was looking across the room, and there was my friend. It felt good. “” It was even nice when we had a long day of dialogue, because there was Will making me laugh between takes. “

They met in the early 1990s, when they were both TV stars: Smith in The Prince of rap and Lawrence in Martin.

“I had a party at my house many years ago, and Will was there. It was when Will and Jada started dating; she was too. We talked a bit, and everything came very naturally. We laughed a lot”.

“When I had to choose who to star in the first movie of Bad Boys, I chose Will, ”he continued. “My sister had told me about him again; He said, ‘You should cast Will Smith to co-star in that cop movie.’

“I thought about it,” Lawrence said. “I wondered if two comedy stars, as we were at that time, could carry the weight of a great movie. ‘Yeah, it can work with two comedy stars,’ I thought. “

There are already rumors of a fourth Bad Boys. “We’ll see how this one does at the box office,” he said. “If people want to see it, we will give them another one.” On your first weekend in North America, Bad boys forever it raised over $ 68.1 million, so it’s just a matter of waiting.


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Martin Lawrence is Miami’s funniest cop again in “Bad Boys Forever” – Tvshow – 01/24/2020