Luca | Disney +: Jacob Tremblay dazzles in the new Pixar movie | Spoiler

After several delays and problems due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it was released Luca, what’s new from Pixar Studios, on the streaming service Disney+. As previously reported, It can only be seen on the platform and will not reach theaters for the health crisis around the world. Its great protagonist is Jacob Tremblay, who gave his voice to Luca Paguro, a sea monster who is curious about humanity. Who is this actor? Look where else you saw it!

This 14-year-old boy was born in Vancouver, Canada. He is the son of Jason Tremblay, a police detective, and Christina Candia, a homemaker. Although he had already appeared on screen in two episodes of the series Motive and Mr. Young, in 2013, he began to gain fame in the film The Great Sambini & Booger the Magic Ferret. Thanks to being part of this role, he was called to integrate the cast of the sequel to The Smurfs. Later he participated in The Magic Ferret, Extraterrestrial and Gord’s Brother.

Without a doubt, the role that led him to have great recognition in the industry was that of Jack Newsome in The room, 2015 film starring him and Brie Larson. Beyond the praise for the Lenny Abrahamson-led project, the young actor took home the “Best Young Artist” award at the Critics’ Awards and was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role.”, becoming the second youngest performer to be nominated.

After going through several movies that didn’t make a lot of noise, he got the chance to be “Extraordinario” August (Auggie) Pullman on Wonder, which can currently be seen on the Netflix platform. This production revolves around a 10-year-old boy who suffers from a deformity in his skull and face, known as “Treacher-Collins syndrome”. After several surgeries and having been educated at home by his own parents, the young man begins to study at a school, where he is discriminated against and suffers bullying.

Later he joined the casts of The Predator, Good Boys and Doctor Sleep, although it did not attract much attention. Now he’s back in the limelight thanks to Luca, the new from Pixar that is already a success in Disney+. “For everyone, it represents the curiosity of wanting to go exploring, but at the same time having limitations”, said Jacob in a conversation with the media Cinematicos.

If you haven’t done it yet, you still have time to subscribe to Disney+ to be able to enjoy the exclusive content that was launched and will continue to be released only on the platform. You can do it entering here. What are you waiting for?

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Luca | Disney +: Jacob Tremblay dazzles in the new Pixar movie | Spoiler