August 3, 2021

LOH 2021 Tokyo | Czech athletes will not put aside their veils on the way to Tokyo. Positive cases are a big scarecrow

The day before the start of the Olympic Games, Czech athletes went to Tokyo. Except for the spearwoman Barbora Špotáková, who will go to Japan on Sunday. “What would we be happy with? We are leaving health, so we would be satisfied if we returned to health. As for the results, every final placement will be a success, “said the head of the sports department of the Czech Athletics Association, Pavel Sluka, and thus came across one of the main topics that the athletes were dealing with before departure.

The Czech team has big problems with coronavirus in the game scene. Three athletes, one coach and a team doctor had positive tests on covid-19. “You’ve been going for a long time, and even if you don’t have to worry, a positive test will stop you. It’s horrible. I will pray that something similar will not happen to me, “wished the bowler Tomáš Staněk.

“We will fly a normal flight, so I will be wearing a veil all the time,” adds the javelin thrower Nikola Ogrodníková.

We will have a veil throughout the flight, Czech athletes say before traveling to Tokyo

Athletes are looking forward to Tokyo. However, for some, conflicting feelings prevailed at the airport. That’s when they had to say goodbye to their offspring. For example, lover Kristiina Mäki with her six-month-old son. “I’m always looking forward to an event, and now there are mixed feelings that I would like to return as soon as possible. I miss her already, “he admits.

Pavel Maslák before leaving for the Olympics in Tokyo

Pavel Maslák, who was accompanied to the airport by a wife with two children, had a similar situation. “It will not be easy, but it will be harder for the wife. I will hope that they manage everything well at home. “

Long flight and long entry procedures, this is what the upcoming hours of Czech athletes will look like. “I will spend the flight regenerating, relaxing and sleeping. In recent days, we needed to do harder training, I’m still devastated, “planned the bowler Staněk.

Sluková another infected! She cried and cursed, a nightmare instead of the summit

The spearwoman Nikola Ogrodníková had a similar situation. “I’ll listen to music, talk to colleagues and sleep.”