Lil Nas X Reimagined In Wonder Woman 1984’s Golden Armor In Met Gala

New fan art reimagines Lil Nas X in Wonder Woman 1984’s Golden Eagle armor inspired by the outfit the “Old Town Road” rapper wore at the Met Gala.

New fan art is reimagining Lil Nas X in Wonder Woman 1984‘s golden armor based on his outfit at the Met Gala. A sequel to 2017’s critical and commercial hit, Wonder Woman 1984 was released in theaters and on HBO Max in December 2021 after several delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. Given that it was released at a time when COVID-19 cases were close to their peak, its box office gross paled in comparison to its DCEU predecessor, but it did thrive as one of the most popular streaming releases of the year.

While the sequel received mixed reviews from critics, fans still enjoyed many elements the film had to offer, including its retro outfits, music, and setting which invoked feelings of nostalgia for the 1980s. One of the most memorable outfits from Wonder Woman 1984 that was heavily featured in the film’s marketing campaign was Diana’s (Gal Gadot) Golden Eagle armor, a fan-favorite from the comics. Now, the iconic armor has re-emerged.

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Famed internet artist BossLogic imagines what Lis Nas X would look like in Diana’s Golden Eagle armor. This fan art comes after the “Old Town Road” rapper appeared at the Met Gala wearing a full gold suit of armor. While Lil Nas X’s outfit wasn’t seemingly inspired by Wonder Woman 1984, many began drawing parallels between the two costumes. Check out the fan art below:

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Every year, the biggest celebrities flock to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the fundraising gala to show off their elaborate and creative outfits. Shang-Chi himself, Simu Liu, was also present at the gala, making a funny reference to his past as a stock photo model. Kim Kardashian’s all-black ensemble which covered the entirety of her face also captured the internet’s attention, drawing comparison to the dementors from Harry Potter and inspired some Batman Beyond fan art from none other than BossLogic.

It’s unclear how much time was spent on Lil Nas X’s suit of armor, but Wonder Woman 1984‘s costume designer Lindy Hemming previously revealed that it took them six months to make the suit for the movie. The armor couldn’t be too mirror-like in order to avoid reflections when shooting, which was probably a challenge when crafting the rapper’s costume as well. While fans were disappointed that Diana’s Golden Eagle armor wasn’t showcased enough throughout Wonder Woman 1984, perhaps it might pop up again in Wonder Woman 3, especially since its original owner, Asteria (Lynda Carter), is primed for a larger role.

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Source: Boss Logic

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Lil Nas X Reimagined In Wonder Woman 1984’s Golden Armor In Met Gala