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Las Vegas is said to be the city of sin, a tourist destination where you can indulge all the wildest fantasies. Tourists from all over the world come here to relax, unwind and have a great time with their family. Nevertheless, if there is one thing that makes Vegas unique and sets it apart from many other tourist destinations like La Palmyre with its magnificent zoo or Paris and its beautiful lights, it is the gambling halls. Las Vegas is indeed famous for its many luxury casinos which welcome especially high rollers for frantic sessions on roulette, baccarat, blackjack and poker tables with all the necessary comfort. We invite you to discover here the top 10 of the best establishments in this city that you must visit at all costs if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas.

1. Le Luxor Las Vegas

With its grandiose exterior inspired by the pyramid constructions of Egypt, the Luxor Las Vegas, as its name suggests, is a luxury casino. Apart from its hyper captivating exterior decor, this Las Vegas establishment will also charm you with its interior, which offers all the comforts you need for a memorable vacation. In particular, you will discover gaming tables (poker, blackjack, etc.) as well as slot machines in a structure that perfectly imitates Egyptian temples. If you love everything that revolves around ancient Egypt then you should definitely visit Luxor Las Vegas which is also home to luxurious restaurants, bars, a night club and a chapel. You should also know that you have the opportunity to go to Las Vegas virtually and enjoy its many attractions while waiting to prepare your trip. How? ‘Or’ What ? Well, playing at no download online casino sites. Indeed, on these virtual gaming establishments where you can play without needing to download any application on your PC or mobile device, you will access many Vegas style games. These types of no-download online casinos therefore allow you to visit Sin City from home playing the exciting variations of poker, blackjack and roulette. Some of them even offer you the opportunity to face real dealers on live gaming tables thanks to live streaming by HD cameras.

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2. Le Venitian

If the Italian city of Venice appeals to you, then you will be impressed by this Las Vegas casino which is inspired by all aspects. The establishment endowed with 5 stars is distinguished in particular by a superficial canal which makes it possible to walk in gondolas as is the case in Venice. After enjoying this great experience, you can then sit down to play games at roulette, poker and baccarat tables that are accessible within the resort. Much like the Luxor Las Vegas previously discussed, the Venitian also incorporates a chapel, but also other amenities such as a gym, spas, tennis courts and a park. The casino has magnificent settings, huge rooms and suites. If you visit it, know that your breakfast will be served to you in bed. Better, the hotel-casino has beautiful gifts for the newlyweds. An ideal place therefore to celebrate your nuptials.


3. The Bellagio

Like the Venitian, the Bellagio is erected in an Italian style. Obviously, the Italian theme is very popular in Las Vegas. In this establishment you can enjoy an artificial lake which will allow you to have a good time. What attracts visitors to this casino complex are mainly water and light shows that are organized there during major events. The famous Cirque du Soleil is also a major attraction of the establishment, and it is sure to impress you if you visit the Bellagio.


4. Le Wynn

With 5 stars, the Wynn is a Las Vegas hotel-casino that tries to steal the spotlight from all the best establishments in the city with unique assets. For example, it offers a particularly curved architecture and invites you to spend time in a luxurious and extravagant atmosphere. Once in Las Vegas which is one of the top 10 most visited destinations by private jet, you can fly to this establishment and enjoy the unique shows and shows. You will surely not remain indifferent to the Wynn Golf or the Wynn Club which are even more original attractions. There is even an art gallery that can teach you a bit of history.


5. Le Paris Las Vegas

With Paris Las Vegas, the French are in the spotlight in Vegas! The presence of the replica of the Eiffel Tower within this casino will encourage enthusiasts of the City of Light to take a tour. Paris Las Vegas also offers a very attractive swimming pool, and its original architecture allows it to be cited among the best destinations to spend your vacation in Las Vegas. It has a nightclub as well as a wedding chapel which is used to celebrate sacred unions. You should know that the superb architecture of the casino served as the setting for the shooting of successful films like Resident Evil: Extinction!


6. Cospomolitan

Built on November 15, 2010, the Cospomolitan is one of those casinos that made Vegas a dream destination for tourists, like France. This casino complex has a total playing surface of 110,000 square feet which allows you to play over 1,300 slot machines and 83 table games. For information, the biggest bet per hand in the establishment was $ 300,000 in baccarat. The Cospomolitan does not only offer games to visitors. It also has many gourmet restaurants that will allow you to taste the best dishes in the world.


7. Le Planet Hollywood Casino

Very visited by players from all over the world, the Planet Hollywood Casino is an establishment that pays homage to the universe of the 7th art. By visiting this complex, you are therefore visiting Hollywood to fully experience the atmosphere of the world of cinema. You will first be greeted by an exceptional setting before attending concerts hosted by world-renowned singing artists. You will have the added bonus of a nightclub, a chapel, a shopping center and of course, a games room where you can play the best casino classics.

8. The MGM Grand Las Vegas

If the MGM Grand Las Vegas takes 3rd place in this ranking, it is due to its seniority and its great notoriety in the world of casinos. One of the most visited casinos in the city of Las Vegas, this casino complex which opened in December 1993 offers more than 2,000 slot machines that attract fans from all over the world. It also has 6,000 hotel rooms as well as 20 bars and restaurants covering a total area of ​​15,800 m². The architecture of the casino mixes Art Deco, Hollywood and Tuscany for the pleasure of the many visitors who will surely not have time to use all the 12 essential applications to go on a trip as they will have enough to take care of and to have fun.


9. The Mandalay Bay Casino

The Mandalay Bay Casino, which rose to second place in this ranking, drains the world with its 2,200 slot machines. These slots, which are the most popular games on no-download online casino sites, come in several variations within the establishment. There are in particular the classic titles as well as progressive jackpot slots which are more intended for high rollers. If you are a big bettor, you are welcome at this establishment as it has quite high betting levels. Bets start from as low as $ 100, which has made Mandalay Bay a popular casino for big gamblers and therefore one of the best casinos in Las Vegas. However, the establishment also offers baccarat and blackjack games which also offer more impressive betting limits, up to $ 5,000 per game. The Mandalay Bay Casino also has a large swimming pool and an artificial beach with fine sand.

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10. Le Caesars Palace

The architecture of this hotel complex is inspired by the world of the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. If you have always been passionate about the Roman Empire, then you should not miss the opportunity to treat yourself to a trip to Las Vegas and visit this casino hotel. Caesars Palace is the popular spot for party billionaires. Every year, pompous parties are organized there. It is therefore the ideal place to let off steam by letting go for example on the dance floor of a nightclub. The establishment also houses bars, restaurants, spas and a large performance hall where the very famous singer Celine Dion has performed for a number of years.

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Top 10 best casinos in Las Vegas – travel me happy – travel blog