The new Costa pricing model: focus on transparency, simplicity and value

As already anticipated by us at Travel Quotidiano, the officialization of the Costa Cruises’ new pricing model. The idea is to submit to agencies three transparent and easy to communicate offers, with no hidden costs, with service fees and taxes always included, which correspond to different levels of experience. This is a move that goes somewhat in the opposite direction to MSC’s recent decision to move towards greater segmentation of the supply. At least in terms of signal to the market, because then the possible combinations remain numerous in both cases.

But let’s get to the details: the new tariff strategy represents a further step of the path started with the launch of the last contract proposed to the trade by the company. The three rates therefore now include la My Cruise, the basic one, which is enriched with contents, including in the price also the service fees and the choice of the cabin and the dinner shift: a new entry level rate, in short, which already provides for a higher commission for the agencies. La All-Inclusive instead, it is the proposal that makes the on-board experience even more complete thanks to My Drinks, the package included in the price with access to a café, soft drinks and a selection of the best wines and cocktails at any time of the day. Finally, there is la Super All-Inclusive, which includes, in addition to My Drinks, also My Explorations, for a more convenient and content-rich cruise even on land. This second package ensures that guests can choose, included in the rate, three excursions, one of which is a full day, within the rich portfolio that the company has recently completely renewed.

Thanks to My Drinks and My Explorations included in the rate, Costa thus presents what the same company defines as the all-inclusive with the highest market value both for their guests, who will enjoy significant savings by purchasing the packages already included in the price at the time of booking instead of on board, and for travel agencies, who will benefit from additional commissions.

“With this pricing system, we continue in the direction we have taken with the recent launch of our new positioning, that is, that of maximizing the experience of our guests and the work of our partners – explains the country manager Italy, Carlo Schiavon -. There is no doubt, in fact, that a clearer and more comprehensive pricing system allows us to make our customers increasingly consciously choose the formula that best meets their needs and to further enhance the consultancy service offered by travel agents. In fact, a scenario that we have already seen some time ago is re-emerging when, after having listened to the repeated advice of our partners, we finally decided to launch the All-Inclusive rate.: a choice that turned out to be a winning one, which allowed us to raise the already excellent average level of satisfaction. We are more than sure that this will also happen with the introduction of this system “.

The new rates are already available for all cruises booked and departing in December for My Cruise and All-Inclusive, while the new Super All-Inclusive will be valid on cruises already bookable but departing from June 2022.

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The new Costa pricing model: focus on transparency, simplicity and value