A good atmosphere at home

You became a parent and it’s a big hit. But it’s also a big job 😋! There are days with highs, where it is certain: “you created the seventh wonder of the world” and “your child is truly the most extraordinary of all” and there are other days when it is…. “More tiring”.

And often, immersed in everyday life, we forget the essential: the objective n ° 1 is not to seek to “educate our child”, nor to “do everything well for our child” until exhaustion, no no … Our goals are much more exciting 🤩 in my opinion!

The first objective: it is to maintain a GOOD ATMOSPHERE at home!

I think you’ve noticed it: when you’re in an environment where there is a good atmosphere, whether at the office, in a sporting activity, or in the evening when we all meet at home: well, naturally (and effortlessly => that’s very cool) we react better, we get angry less, we have more desire to be of service to others. In short: everything is going better!

And that is true for US, as it is for OUR CHILD. If we maintain a good atmosphere at home, our child will be more encouraged to participate in everyday life, he will naturally want to cooperate and give the best of himself. Much more effective in terms of education than a “good education” 😉!

And the second objective, it is for oneself to KIFFER his life as a man or a woman.

The power of gratitude, but also of living a life that fulfills and flourishes us!

Enjoy getting up in the morning! If we put our foot on the ground with a vision of the day we are going to spend, we rejoice, that we daily feel how much we love each of our children, as well as the person with whom we share our life and the people around us… what a beautiful positive energy for us and to transmit! Of course, it’s not always easy, but so useful! Why ? Already because it is a pleasure to be happy quite simply 😉. Then, because when we are full of beautiful vibrations, we spread them around us 🤩. And then, finally, because our children – more than anything – are inspired by who we are, and not all the nice words we can say to them.

So here’s some good news: to take good care of your children, you especially need to take good care of yourself! 😍

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A good atmosphere at home