July 24, 2021

lagging laboratories hope to find their place

Is it the revenge of the Ancients against the Moderns? While the Tübingen biotech CureVac, one of Germany’s great hopes in the race for the vaccine against Covid-19, unveiled, on Wednesday evening, the first disappointing results for the final phase of the clinical trial of its vaccine messenger RNA, a new wave of vaccines, using more “classic” technologies, based on recombinant protein or inactivated virus, is preparing, during the fall, to expand the global arsenal deployed against the coronavirus. Among them, the French Sanofi, in partnership with the British pharmaceutical industrialist GSK, the American Novavax, or the Franco-Austrian Valneva. However, the latter risk seeing their opportunities restricted, as vaccination campaigns are already well advanced in the countries of the North. In Europe, as in the United States, nearly 53% of the population has already received at least one dose of vaccine.

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Not to mention that the market pioneers – Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson – have already laid the groundwork for the future. The pharmaceutical group Pfizer, with its German partner BioNTech, has garnered orders across the world in recent months, particularly with the European Union, which signed its third contract with the American on May 20, to reserve 1 , 8 billion doses between 2021 and 2023.

Gain ground

His compatriot, Moderna, is not badly off either. The biotech has just made a new sale to the United States, and expects to achieve 19.2 billion dollars in sales this year thanks to its vaccine. Is the market saturated? ” There will still be populations in 2022, especially in developing countries, who have not yet been vaccinated, which leaves room for new arrivals ”, Martial Descoutures analysis at Oddo. In addition, the setbacks of the adenovirus vaccine of the British AstraZeneca offer a great opportunity for its competitors to gain ground.

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As for vaccine manufacturers, we have already done the math: ” We are 7 billion in the world. If we want to vaccinate 70% of the population to achieve collective immunity, we must deliver 10 billion doses. Despite the enormous production capacities already in place, there are therefore still needs », Judge Franck Grimaud, CEO of Valneva. The laboratory, based in the Nantes region, and which is expected to present the results of the final clinical study of its inactivated virus vaccine in September, hopes to be able to deliver its first doses – whose production has already started – at the end of the year. year.

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