August 3, 2021

Ketama 126 after the controversy against Spotify announces the dates of the tour

Ketama 126 has just announced the dates of his summer tour. Only a few days ago he became the protagonist of a courageous stance against Spotify Italy e Andrea Favale, the Lead Editorial Team – Southern Europe (i.e. the one who leads the editorial team of Spotify choosing the songs that are included in the editorial playlists).

The allegations made by Ketama 126 they were moved through the stories of his Instagram profile and, after a few hours, removed.

Here are the words written by the artist:

The cancer of music. Spotify you are a white collar gang with a mafia mentality, i

In particular your boss, Andrea Favale, that allow us to say that in 2021 an artist has to upload a piece every 10 days otherwise he will not keep up with the times.

I’ve always wanted to make music to be independent and do what I want, not to take orders from you who are the cancer of music. You censor Niko Pandetta that his mistakes have paid off and changed his mentality, while he has the same mentality that he has abandoned.

You forgot that in 2015, when no one had Spotify, I uploaded Oh Madonna to your platform while the others uploaded the songs are on YouTube. You want to be a mafia but no one is afraid of you, I don’t need to be a playlist to be an artist and the numbers on YT without promos prove it.

You are the death of freedom of expression and art. I know well that making war on you is equivalent to fighting windmills but I can’t keep myself inside the grudge I have for people who behave like you and in some way I have to eliminate it otherwise I poison myself. Remember that there is karma in life and everything comes back.

Ketama 126 – it turn

On the date of the Roma Music Park already announced, new appointments produced and distributed by Live Concerts,

These are the dates:

  • Rome (Roma Music Park c / o Cinecittà World, 29 July)
  • Catania (Villa Bellini, Sunday 29 August)
  • Padua (at Arena Live Geox, 6 September)
  • Naples (Suo.Na Festival – Suo.Na Festival – Ex Base Nato, 9 September)
  • Lecce (Oversound Music Festival – Piazza Libertini, 11 September)

Tickets for the new tour dates of Ketama 126 are already available.


Ketama126 after the controversy against Spotify announces the dates of the summer tour