Karl Urban from The Boys has the best style and you must copy these outfits

Without us noticing, Karl Urban became an icon of action cinema. The Lord of the Rings, Riddick, Bourne, Star Trek, Red, Thor: Ragnarok, Dredd… The man has a long history within science fiction and fantasy, becoming one of the most reliable supporting actors for such films. For that reason, casting him as Billy Butcher in the critically acclaimed series was not a difficult decision. Amazon, The Boys. The man has a toughness that the main characters lack, and that is essential to some stories.

But besides being a good actor, Urban has shown to have a perfect style for the conventional man, who is not so attached to the intensity that some protagonists usually show. Here we mention the best moments of style, which should undoubtedly serve as inspiration for your own outfits (while we wait for the second season).

Semi Biker

Karl Urban, for some years now, he has kept his characteristic beard (being a perfect example of a good grooming), and perhaps that is what inevitably lends it a bit to a look biker, but not so marked, but sober and quite stylish. With some padded Roshan jackets he takes away the traditional look and adds nothing but jeans, and matching shoes. Whether with plenty of denim or a plain cotton shirt, it’s one of the most effective casual looks, and one that looks good on almost every (bearded) guy.

Hawaiian shirt

Not all men can wear a Hawaiian shirt well, but it may also be the grooming in which it influences a fresh and completely unkempt appearance, but without looking bad. With just a pair of jeans, and a chain in the center, the Hawaiian shirt is the perfect garment for the summer (or for the high heats of Los Angeles). Although it is not ideal for formal settings, it is another of the simple choices that, without much effort, achieve a perfect outfit.

Blue Suit + Grooming

But of course the grooming it has a better effect when we talk about formal outfits, and without going to the extreme of a full outfit, Urban had one of his best moments in this blue suit with white checkered details, which is not only the appropriate cut, but shines thanks to the effectiveness of the white shirt, which shows that carefree side by having the buttons undone. Wedding look, evening event or party.

Three pieces

Pointing towards him ouftit completely formal, nothing like the three-piece suit, and here Urban He relies once again on checkered details in white lines, with the perfect cut at the bottom of the legs. It is a winning outfit in any of its contexts so it is the safe bet, although one of the most uncomfortable at certain times.

All in the cut

Dark glasses, open thin shirt, but what stands out most of this moment of Karl Urban is that it reminds us that at all times the cut of the man is what complements any look, and in fact it is already a classic of him, remaining in most of his characters, mainly in The Boys. A perfect cut can do anyone good regardless of the outfit, what about if He grooming has its importance, there is not much to worry about.

In fact, also the beard of Urban It has become a key part of his appearance in the cinema. And either as the Dr. McCoy, As the Judge Dredd, John Grimm or like the now iconic Billy Butcher, he has good jobs to follow.

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Karl Urban from The Boys has the best style and you must copy these outfits