INTERSTELLAR CINDERELLA Will Be Performed at UHM Kennedy Theatre Next Month

The University of Hawai’i at Mānoa’s Department of Theatre + Dance and Kennedy Theatre are proud to present the Hawai’i premiere of the family-friendly musical, Interstellar Cinderella. This Theatre for Young Audiences (T.Y.A.) production is directed by and starring dual track MFA candidate Taylor Bogan. Based on the award-winning children’s book by Deborah Underwood, Interstellar Cinderella brings this reimagined independent heroine on an intergalactic space adventure celebrating science, courage, kindness and achieving one’s dreams. It is a space-age spectacle ideal for young audiences, but fun for the whole family. Interstellar Cinderella will be streamed online October 22 at 7:30 p.m. and October 23 & 24 at 2:00 p.m. Special Streaming Ticket prices range from $5-$15.

Blast off to the year 3017, Cinderella is a resourceful and intelligent young girl with dreams beyond her basement workshop. She sings, “I can fix a rocket, with the wrench in my pocket. I’m Interstellar Cinderella!” with her only friend, a retro robot-mouse named Mergatroyd. They face an array of challenges to get her newest invention, the hyper warp-speed engine, to the prince’s Interstellar Space Parade. Through hard work, ingenuity, and a little help from her friends she’s able to achieve her dreams. According to Bogan, “I want this to be an open invitation to every little girl to feel like they can do something outside of their comfort zone and try something they might not have thought they could have before. It’s a show about independence, perseverance, hope, kindness, and lifting others up.”

Performing the titular role as well as directing the production Bogan shares, “My amazing team is a major reason why this show can happen. They are phenomenal collaborators and I’m thrilled to work with them.” This production and design team includes M.F.A. T.Y.A. candidates Elizabeth Gannaway as assistant director, Jessica Israel as choreographer, and Chloe Tower as stage manager, as well as M.F.A. Design candidates Claire Paul as lighting designer and Kara Nabarrete for set design and props. Bachelor’s Degree candidate Jesse Höyhtyä serves as costume designer for the production. Inspiration for the show’s visual aesthetic comes from the dynamic artwork of Meg Hunt, Interstellar Cinderella book illustrator. “It has a beautifully striking color palette that we all gravitated towards,” says Bogan. Set and props designer Nabarrete also had the task of bringing the Jetsons-era robot-mouse Mergatroyd from the page to the stage. “Having an exciting puppet that children could really latch onto visually is a huge piece of the production,” Bogan continues, “the work she’s doing with Mergatroyd and the set is really fantastic.”

When asked about her initial show selection process Bogan said, “It’s incredibly important to me for children to be able to experience the arts and theatre. From a young age they begin to decide what is and isn’t possible. Choosing a show about a strong, kind, curious girl that is an inventor in a S.T.E.M. field – it’s just one way to show children, especially young girls, what is possible. I think that really spoke to me.” Bogan adds, “My step-mother is a scientist and marine biologist and my younger sisters have this great love and appreciation for science, exploration, and nature. Finding something I could create that would interest them and other little girls was a big inspiration.” She concluded, “I ultimately want to graduate with a strong piece of theatre that I believe in and that I was able to create not only as a director but also as a performer.”

For more information about the show visit Streaming tickets to Interstellar Cinderella are available for purchase online 24/7 at For ticketing or accessibility questions please email the box office at School groups can also contact the box office via email for special classroom streaming dates, prices, and more.

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INTERSTELLAR CINDERELLA Will Be Performed at UHM Kennedy Theatre Next Month