‘How to Get Out of Buffalo’: Zoey Deutch becomes the funniest anti-heroine – movie news

This Monday, September 30 at 10:00 pm, the new film by director Tanya Wexler arrives on TNT, which portrays the story of an irreverent young woman capable of crossing the legal limit to achieve the famous “American dream”.

Peg (Zoey Deutch) has a great ability to curse Buffalo Bills, chicken wings and the stagnant economy of Buffalo, the second largest city in the North of the United States located in the state of New York. On How to get out of Buffalo –which premieres this Monday, November 30 at 10:00 p.m. on TNT-, the protagonist, who is an inveterate con artist, dreams of a dignified education and financial freedom; but his stay in jail for falsification of documents, completely changes his course, ending up on a desk at the disgusting collection agency, as bad debt is the main industry in Buffalo.

Buffaloed, with an exuberant rhythm that depends entirely on Deutch’s performance, focuses the comedy on the nose that the protagonist has for business, regardless of whether they make her cross the limit of what is legal. In fact, as the plot progresses, it is not difficult to understand that, sooner or later, his time in jail is an unavoidable date.

“With a great script and a wonderful lead, I managed to portray the reality of the ‘American dream’ in a comedy setting. As a viewer, it is strange to laugh at something so real, it is a complicated emotional experience. But movies are just machines to generate empathy where humor takes a different direction as soon as we laugh at a situation with which we identify, and in this case the joke lies in the false idea of: ‘if you work hard, you can do it achieve’. That doesn’t happen in Buffalo, “said director Tanya Wexler.

The character of Zoey Deutch, who is also a producer, is an antihero who likes her even though she is aware that everything she does is wrong. Peg is not a hero, Peg is a victim of the system who can’t help but feel more than frustration, anger and disappointment; however, none of that justifies doing justice in the path of corruption.

“You can watch the movie and think about Robin Hood. We love her but Peg is selfish and the worst part is that she is aware of it. She is a deeply disappointed person because she works hard and is not doing well, she is very angry. AND With this premise, it is inevitable to ask the question: can resentment be left behind in the face of things that are not fair? “, added Tanya.

Zoey Deucth, in addition to starring, is also a producer on the film.

The plot, immersed in an atmosphere of black humor, accompanies the protagonist all the time in this deep economic depression, referring to large productions based on real events such as The Big Short or The wolf of Wall Street: “I loved breaking the fourth wall because it seems that the viewer is talking with the protagonist. The incredible thing about this story is that the viewer enjoys being mean with Peg, “he added.

As for working with Deutch, the director assures that she is one of the best actresses of her generation, because in addition to talent, Zoey enjoys working as a team: “We all supported each other to get this project out. Since we did the script reading, we all realized that it would work. Zoey is one of the most talented actresses of her genre, she can do all drama, comedy, dance and sing, she has all the tools. ”

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‘How to Get Out of Buffalo’: Zoey Deutch becomes the funniest anti-heroine – movie news