How One of the MCU’s Next Heroes Became a Wrestler

One of the most powerful figures featured in the MCU’s upcoming Eternals film once embraced a civilian role as a professional wrestler.

The next feature film entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Eternals, focuses on a host of powerful beings who’ve quietly served a vital importance over the centuries. But their time watching over humanity has taught them to appreciate the advancements and developments of the people they’re sworn to protect, and sometimes they throw themselves fully into that realm.

Ikaris is one of the ancient and cosmically empowered Eternals, granted amazing power and potential. But in the comics, he also had a minor passion for professional wrestling — which could give him an easy excuse to form a connection with an element of the MCU that was just introduced into the superhero universe.

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Ikaris is one of the more powerful Marvel heroes, thanks to his origin as one of the Eternals. Like all of the celestial beings, his power is amplified by a unique alien physiology. He has strength on par with the likes of Thanos, has enough endurance to endure the mightiest blows of Hercules, can fly, utilize psionic abilities, and shoot energy blasts from his body, among other things. All of these powers seem to be on display in his upcoming MCU debut, and grant him enough power to hold his own against some of Marvel’s most dangerous villains. He’s also used his abilities for far more mundane purposes — such as when he briefly became a wrestler.

In The Eternals #1 (by Peter Gillis and Sal Buscema), the Eternals have made peace with their current roles in the world. Despite Thena’s attempts to reunite them around her crowning as the Queen of the Eternals, none of her people arrive for the coronation. Instead, each of them is living their own lives on Earth — including Ikaris, who is revealed to be living in New York City with his human lover, Margo Damian. In this disguise Ikaris has gained the acceptance of the public and has garnered a degree of fame in the ring. The powerful Eternal is revealed to have disguised himself as Ike “Iceberg” Harris and has attained popularity in the world of professional wrestling.

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Going up against a rival wrestler known as Enigmo, Ikaris was locked into the ring with a plexiglass cage for the safety of the audience. In reality, his opponent was the Deviant known as Cataphrax — who used the opportunity to try and kill Ikaris. The fight leads the Eternal into a trap, where his opponent is able to leech some of his innate power as part of a grander plan by the Deviants before fleeing. While it’s a small moment, it’s still a reminder that Ikaris possesses the kind of power that would make him a formidable fighter in any kind of competition.

There actually is an in-universe wrestling league within the Marvel Universe, where powerhouses can trade blows and go up against one another for glory in the ring — the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. A frequent place for brawlers like the Thing to show their mettle, Ikaris’ ties to the world of wrestling and the UCWF are a fun contrast to his overall universal importance. With a similar concept recently brought to the MCU in the form of the fighting competitions featured in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, this might be the perfect way for Ikaris to interact with the more down-to-Earth elements and characters within the MCU — by joining a fighting league that caters to those with superhuman abilities.

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