August 3, 2021

Have you ever seen Jeff Bezos’ car? The reason is invaluable

No custom-built cars for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who drives a “special” car. The value is truly incredible

Jeff Bezos (Foto: Getty Images)

Recently his company Blue Origin successfully completed the first space flight mission, to which Jeff Bezos he personally participated by traveling in the New Shepard spacecraft. But this is only one of the great achievements of his career.US entrepreneur, who became the richest man in the world mainly thanks to the rise of Amazon, which was further strengthened in periods of lockdown.

Despite the astronomical figures gained in recent years, it appears that Bezos does not have a great passion for custom-built cars. In fact, as reported by several sources, he would still drive one Honda Accord from 1997.

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Jeff Bezos and Cars, the Amazon founder prefers an old Honda Accord: the reason

Bezos is described as someone who doesn’t like to flaunt his wealth. And what better way than to ride an old Honda Accord, which certainly goes more unnoticed than custom-built cars like Lamborghini or Ferrari. However, the main reason he is still fond of hers Honda it would be another.

In an interview with CBS broadcaster a few years ago, Bezos would have defined his Accordthe perfect car“, Which after more than twenty years still works in every aspect. As reported by Motorimagazine, he would have bought it in 1997 after having “retired” his first one Auto, a ’87 Chevrolet Blazer with which he began his career at Amazon. Therefore, along with Accord, Bezos has lived through all the years of his e-commerce company’s rise and this is perhaps the reason why he cannot part with it despite being able to afford an extra luxury garage.