Harry and Meghan could lead to the end of the British monarchy

The bombshell interview by Harry e Meghan issued in March a Oprah Winfrey risks compromising the fate of the British monarchy, which due to the Sussexes could soon be called upon to face a wave of republican sentiment on the part of many former British colonies.

Harry and Meghan’s accusations against the royal family

Within days of Barbados’ proclamation of independence, the Caribbean island may not be the only state to decide to cut ties with London. A step in the same direction would also be taken by Australia or, at least, by the pro-republican party that has long cherished the dream of total autonomy from the Crown. In this context, even the harsh recriminations of Harry and Meghan against the royal family, accused of racism and complete disregard for Markle’s mental illness, could have considerable weight in the event of a possible referendum.

From the statements of the Dukes of Sussex “it appears that there is a dysfunctional family at war about the same as many others we may know.” This is believed by Australian political scientist Jenny Hocking, a member of the National Committee of the Australian Republican Movement. Reached byExpress, the professor pointed out how the famous interview has contributed to polarize opinions on the royal family in Australia, which since 1901 has been an autonomous constitutional monarchy, but still linked to London.

The secrets of the British monarchy

“A monarchy must be seen as somehow different, even if it tries to present itself as a simple family.” Harry e Meghan instead “they have brought it much more down to earth, to our level and this is always a danger for a monarchy”. For Buckingham Palace it has always been essential to maintain a certain confidentiality on everything that revolves around and behind the Firm. “The royal secret has always been so important – gray areas, where the monarch and monarchy might behave in a way that we would not accept in a liberal democracy, they are able to stay hidden through the royal secret.”

The example of Barbados

Another aspect that should not be underestimated concerns the “emulation effect” that Barbados could have on Australia. “I think seeing another country, a relatively small Caribbean country, take that step and move forward, obviously sets the issue here on how we could do the same and why we haven’t done the same.” In fact, more and more former colonies have decided to abandon the monarchy and embrace another form of government. “Now we have dropped to 15 among the 54 Commonwealth countries that do not yet have a republic” and this, of course, “raises questions among us,” explains the political scientist.

In 1999 Australia called a referendum to choose between monarchy and republic, but the conservative line prevailed, mainly due to the division among the Republicans on the proposed method for choosing the president. Today, however, assures Jenny Hocking, the world has changed and the majority of the electorate would be in favor of the republic, thanks to the vitriolic Sussex interview. At this rate, in a few years, the statements of Harry e Meghan they could likely lead to the end of the British monarchy and its representative role in the world.

Last updated: Friday 10 December 2021, 22:13


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Harry and Meghan could lead to the end of the British monarchy