Gf Vip, is the friendship between Dayane Mello and Rosalinda Cannavò over? Here is the whole truth

Back at loggerheads Dayane Mello and Rosalinda Cannavò? It wouldn’t be the first time, as the most observant know. In recent days there has been a lot of talk about them relationship because, after having been deleted dal reality The farm, in Brazil, Mello didn’t like everything that happened around her. There has been talk of violence, her victim of rape and more: according to her, however, Dayane he has not experienced anything of all this.

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The topic was dealt with in the new episode of Casa Chi su Instagram, where the reporter Gabriele Parpiglia explained that he has always been in contact with Brazilian journalists and televisions, which he defined as “more serious” than those of the Fazenda. “They told me ‘Look, when she comes out, she’ll pretend nothing happened.’ They’ve been telling me this for a long time. They told me ‘Look what it is lost battle».

The reporter continued in the story by explaining that when Dayane was eliminated he waited to figure out what would be the first step to take. On the contrary, an envoy of the Hyenas took action by interviewing Dayane who confessed to having seen the Images and to be well: «She said that she has seen everything and that she is calm, she is very well. […] She was mad at me, that I attacked her because she is famous and is now world famous. He was mad at Beautiful rose, I’ll tell you the specific reason: you went to visit his daughter without her permission. And he was also angry with his former agent because he says that she has moved the ranks of all this, “said the host of Casa Chi.

When the Hyena correspondent asked Dayane to send her a video in which he declares that he has seen the images and that he is fine, dayane first she said she would send it and then she disappeared. “This is Dayane Mello,” Parpiglia said. At this point Rosalinda Cannavò took the floor: «I would like to say first of all that I agree with Gabriele. I stood up for this cause and I will always and regardless. I do it because it is my principle, because I went through it firsthand. I would do it again. I don’t know if this is an early stage where maybe she doesn’t realize what it is success, I also put this hypothesis “

And then, Rosalinda specified that she hadn’t stopped following Dayane up Instagram, as was initially assumed. Things went differently: «I want specify one thing, assumptions are made, even if it has little relevance to what happened. I read that Dayane and I have stopped following us. In reality it did not go that way, she blocked me on instagram. She didn’t block me on Whatsapp, I wrote her several messages including support. He looked at my messages and never replied. I went to Sofia at the invitation of Dayane’s ex-mother-in-law, so not against anyone’s will. I was invited ».

And stressing to continue to support it, he reiterated that disagrees with the way of acting that Mello is now choosing. Parpiglia added that he also had more to tell, including about the people around Dayane.

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Gf Vip, is the friendship between Dayane Mello and Rosalinda Cannavò over? Here is the whole truth