From Worst to Best: the 8 actors who have played the Joker in series and movies

As we have in our hands a new interpretation of one of the most iconic and dark characters in film and television, comparisons, even if they are bad, are still inevitable.

Batman’s archenemy is one of DC’s greatest villains and his appearance in series and movies is a highly provocative event that always turns reportable every time a new actor brings him to life. His complex, unhinged personality marked by a disturbing smile requires a lot of acting talent.

The Joker had his first comic book appearance Batman #1 in 1940 and from there it was having more participation in the small and wide screen. Joaquin Phoenix is ​​the newest actor to have played him in a movie by other celebrities and it’s time to find out how good his gala was compared to the other Jokers we’ve been through.

That is why we have this ranking of actors who have become the insane and allegorical scoundrel, from the worst to the best of all. Surely you already suspect who has taken the palms for giving life to the Joker:

8. Jared Leto

It is no surprise to anyone that this actor occupies the last job of the series, as he was part of a decadent universe of DC movies and his appearance in Suicide Squad left much to be desired.

Leto tried to understand the alienation of this character, but the role remained illustrious. Although off-camera he became a real danger to his fellow filmmakers, to whom he made macabre jokes in the style of the Joker, not all his bad jokes helped him improve his behavior, which critics described as grotesque and forced. Of course, the script of the film did not make his task more accommodating because in the film he had appearances that did not impact much.

7. Zach Galifianakis

This dubbing actor was in charge of doing the voice of the rough in LEGO Batman: The Movie. This film was a comedy directed at an acquaintance as a child, so little could be done to exploit with old care the dark and wicked side of this character. Zach is known to be a bizarre and exaggerated comedian, little of which was reflected in his performance; Although he managed to show us the clown, he fell short of his evil features.

6. Cameron Monaghan

The Serie Gotham from Warner Bros. and Fox is a prequel that shows us the rise of both Batman and his main villains. Here the Joker was played by Monaghan and his story was attached proportionate to the comics, as we saw the character of Jeremiah Valeska intoxicated with acid from the Ace Chemicals company.

Cameron’s diligence, although he had to share credits with other Batman villains, reflected the Joker’s upheaval and eagerness to create chaos in the city. His appearance was as expected and kept us in suspense during the five seasons of the series.

5. Cesar Romero

He was the first to bring the rude smiley to life in a series and equally in a movie. DC fans commonly acknowledge that he gave the Joker the buffoonish tone that was later picked up by other actors.

Romero’s Joker was a histrionic, flamboyant commoner who could put Batman and Robin in serious trouble with his evil plans and who, despite being a bit cartoonish, did convey the character’s unhinged flank. What was mainly criticized was that he did not fully commit to the clown’s appearance, as he did not want to shave off his fluff.

4. Mark Hamill

He was the best voice actor to ever play an animated translation of the Joker. Mark managed to give a disturbing and unsettling voice to this rude in the cartoon Batman which was broadcast from 1992 to 1995. He captured in his laugh the paranoia and malignancy of the archenemy of the hooded vigilante, and without a doubt thanks to that the series was a success.

Even today, many fans cannot imagine that someone else does the voice of the Joker in animated versions, as Hamill’s became a typified difficult to imitate and to excel.

3. Jack Nicholson

From this point on, the discussion can get very crazy, because we are talking about the best actors who have become the Joker. Jack Nicholson was consummate for the role of the villain in the film Batman (1989) in which he shared credits with Michael Keaton.

The story of the Joker in this film was still more attached to the comics in terms of the origins of the character. What stood out here is that mobster Jack Napier was already a tough and convenient bad guy, who ended up pushing all the limits of violence and sanity when he fell into the Ace Chemicals acid tank.

Nicholson portrayed us with art the disturbing humor of the Joker, who could not make a joke without ending up killing or hurting anyone. He still showed us the handsome joy of the rude man, as well as his inability to have a frequent love affair.

2. Joaquin Phoenix

We know that it sounds strange to say that he is better than Nicholson but we must take into account that, unlike Jack’s Joker, Phoenix’s appears in a film completely dedicated to the infamous. With more screen time, Joaquin was better able to explore the character’s darkness.

While previous Jokers have dedicated themselves to showing us the sinister and evil side of the wicked, Phoenix was able to trace his origins as a common guy who has had a “bad day”, as it appears even in The Killing Joke. Although the detail of the chemical mishap is lost, Arthur Fleck’s transformation into the Joker here is triggered by the toxicity of a corrupted city. Without a doubt, his performance has been one of the best.

1. Heath Ledger

The clown prince of crime is Gotham’s delinquent king and Ledger made it clear that he can steal an entire movie if he wants to. Although The Undetermined Selfless shared credits along with Christian Bale as Batman and Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face, Heath became the real protagonist.

He prepared for months for this role, isolated himself from the world and started a journal to better understand his character and his effort was awarded a posthumous Oscar Award; he is the only one in duty achieved that running with a superhero character and that cannot be overrated in any way.

Ledger’s Joker was unhinged, out of memory, without plans, obnoxious, had an outrageous laugh, and kicked off Gotham with just a couple of bullets and a tank of gas. Most of the fans do not doubt that it is the best we have had on screen, but do you think that Phoenix should be in another position in this ranking, luck is more impressive than Heath?

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From Worst to Best: the 8 actors who have played the Joker in series and movies