June 20, 2021

four books to be well

  • “Materia Prima, awakening to your nature”, by Gaëlle Faure (Tana éditions, 2021, 190 p., 20 €)

In alchemical thought, the notion of Raw material refers to the primordial substance, the universal matter by which everything can be created. Stripped of the superfluous, it offers the world the best, most accurate and complete version of itself. The author, who presents herself as an artist and “Plant alchemist”, aims to guide the reader towards balance and well-being.

Beautifully illustrated, this fascinating work combines initiation into spagyria (branch of plant alchemy), health through plants and various practices such as rituals to reconnect with nature. We find the essential dimension of listening to the body through a holistic vision inspired in particular by shamanic traditions – which consider the human being in his physical, emotional and spiritual unity. A beautiful invitation to review the basis of our relationship to the world, to our consumption and to our body.

  • “Encyclopedia of Ayurveda”, by François Gautier (Flammarion, 2021, 416 p., € 24.90)

Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems still in practice. In Sanskrit, ayur means “vital force”, and veda, ” knowledge “. Ayurveda is therefore “the science of life”. The yogic and Ayurvedic texts, describing the ethics and basic practices of a healthy life, constitute a particularly rich spiritual tradition.

This very complete book explores the fundamentals of Ayurveda: its history, its main principles and the way in which it has permeated our societies – since it is found today in the health sector, sometimes even in the West. , from pharmacopoeia to psychotherapy.

François Gautier, journalist living in India for several decades, thus returns to the five major elements (pancha maha bhuta), founding concepts of Ayurveda present throughout the Indian tradition. He also explores through the menu the practices that allow to bring more energy into the body while calming the mind, with the hatha yoga, the pranayama (breathe well), meditation or diet. A valuable guide for those who wish to improve their daily lifestyle.

  • “Stand up, the strength to become embodied”, by Marie-Pierre Dillenseger (Mama éditions, 2021, 264 p., € 23)

What is to incarnate? According to the author, a specialist in Chinese spiritualities, it is “To succeed, over the course of a lifetime, in smoothing the rough edges which nestle between the soul and the body”, but not only : “To embody ourselves is not to succeed in doing what our parents, our teachers and society expect of us, but rather to become coherent with the being that we are. ” Its objective: the autonomy of the person “Who is the awareness of what she wants and interests to do in this life”.

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