August 3, 2021

Flashback of Life in 1988 with Drama Reply 1988 : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Korean drama Reply 1988 tells about the friendship life of five teenagers with different characters in the era of 1988 who live next door in Ssangmun-dong, Dobong district, North Seoul. The theme raised in this drama is also quite light, which makes Reply 1988 one of the highest rated dramas in 2015. Tells the story of friendship, love, and family, curious what the story will be?

The first episode begins with a view of the city of Seoul in 1988. More precisely in Ssangmundong, Dobong district, North Seoul. There is no internet and also smart phones. Only tube TV is the entertainment for teenagers. The lives of complex mothers are still harmonious and far from neighboring gossip. They even prepare food for the children and husbands at home, while creambaths each other’s hair.

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In retrospect, it seems that this year, neighbors were ‘more’ than brothers. The reason is the absence of internet and smart phones, making it difficult for people to communicate remotely. Chatting, discussing, playing, even getting into debt are all done face-to-face.

“Jung Hwan! Go downstairs and ask them for a bowl of rice. Then give me this vegetable.” The mother ordered her only child. Maybe this is a significant difference compared to 2021. In that year, they exchanged food, asked for rice. side dishes, even fruit is a common thing to happen.

In addition to a healthy neighborly life, the association of teenagers at that time also looked fun. They often talk face-to-face, watch together, or study together. If dad comes home from work and even family gatherings, everyone is busy together. Sing together, or just a story of life that is happening lately while having dinner with wisdom.

Curious about what Korean people’s life was like in 1988? Watch the full Reply 1988 on RCTI+ One Application, All Entertainment.

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