August 3, 2021

Felix Burestedt on the reactions of the TV clip

TOKYO. Swedish Olympic talent Felix Burestedt smashed a watermelon in front of Sportbladet’s TV camera.

Something that did not go unnoticed.

– It was probably eye-opening for many that you actually hit so hard in badminton, says Burestedt.

Before the Olympics, Swedish Olympic star Felix Burestedt had the opportunity to show on Sportbladet TV how hard an elite badminton player actually hits.

Which he also succeeded in doing.

When Sportbladet meets him in the mixed zone in the Olympic village, he talks about the reactions after the clip was published.

– It was very funny. Many who thought it was a very good clip. It was probably eye-opening for many that you actually hit badminton so hard, says Burestedt.

Does it feel like people have underestimated the sport of badminton in that way?

– I think so. People probably do not know that it is the fastest ball sport and racket sport. The strokes measure up to 400 kilometers per hour. Hopefully more people will have seen the clip and think it’s cool with badminton.

“A challenging draw”

Even though the sport does not have the largest in Sweden, Felix Burestedt has now ended up in an area where the sport is all the more popular – namely Asia.

He has also ended up in a very tough group after the pool game was drawn.

The premiere match on Sunday? It is played against second-seeded world four Chou Tien-chen.

Dream draw?

– A fun draw, a challenging draw to compete against one of the best in the world. If I win it, it’s a dream draw, says the Swede.

The key to a bang lies in his length, among other things.

”Here comes Felix the tower”

With his 192 centimeters, he is one of the longest players in the badminton tournament – which gives advantages in the smash game and the offensive game.

– I definitely think that many can be a little surprised and have a hard time adapting. It’s one of the strengths I’m trying to take part in, of course.

The length also means a lot of comments among competitors and colleagues.

– There will be some internal jokes about it, haha.

Kind of like?

– “Here comes Felix the tower”. Here is the long Swede. Many who joke with me that I am tall and big.


All before the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

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