August 3, 2021

Faced with its eternal rival Samsung, LG no longer sells Android smartphones but iPhones

LG will continue to sell smartphones in South Korea. Faced with Samsung Electronics, the former Korean rival has found a new major ally.

Source : GSM Arena

Source : GSM Arena

In 2021, we are talking a lot about LG in the TV or home appliance business, as well as audio. It must be said that this year, LG Electronics has confirmed that it will stop charges in the smartphone market. A decision which was expected and which seemed inevitable, but which nevertheless made the community react a lot. Samsung’s former rival has abandoned its battle. We returned, moreover, to the 13 LG phones that marked us.

LG has, despite everything, decided to continue selling smartphones. According to an article in the South Korean Herald Economic Daily, the Korean group has signed an agreement with Apple. LG will market iPhones, iPads and various accessories from the new US partner in its own stores in South Korea.

A logical decision

The decision to list Apple products in its own stores and not to switch to other Android smartphones is in some ways logical. The profit margins of the Android smartphone segment are extremely low. With Apple devices, on the other hand, there is a little more to be gained – customers are better off and the Apple ecosystem is already built into LG products, like the arrival of Apple TV or AirPlay on televisions. LG.

For Apple, the deal is also very positive. Apple has only two official Apple Stores in South Korea with a market share of 27% (source: Startcounter) against 63% for Samsung Electronics which largely dominates this market.

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