August 3, 2021

“Every component of the system will be examined”

It will begin on 30 August the appraisal on the cableway of Mottarone. This is what is established by investigating judge of Verbania, Elena Ceriotti, who assigned the IT experts the task of examining the “black box” and analyzing the media of the computer files that recorded the activity of the cableway on May 23, the day of tragedy in which 14 people died.

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«One wonders – says the investigating judge Ceriotti – of to ascertain everything that may have contributed to causing the event with very detailed attention to both the state of the system and the two characteristics, and maintenance interventions – Each component of the system will be examined to understand what may have caused the breakage or the unthreading of the rope “.

“All proceeds how it must proceed – declares the Prosecutor of the Republic of Verbania, Olimpia Bossi -. Another step important it has been done, let’s go on ».

Words of bitterness those pronounced by one of the suspects, the operating director of the cableway of Mottarone, Enrico Perocchio, che underlined how much his life has changed since that episode. “From that moment on I felt very sad and very sorry. I have retraced everything – he says – and I am convinced that I have done everything in the best possible way. I have a clear conscience, now I try to make myself strong and move on, but we respect the work of the investigators. I have already said – he continues – I did not know of forks, full stop and I exclude that the forks may have stressed the rope ».

«The board of experts seems to me to be of very high-ranking professionals – underlines the lawyer of the suspect Gabriele Tadini, Marcello Perillo -. The approach is very positive ».

Last updated: Thursday 22 July 2021, 21:31