August 3, 2021

Elvis Presley: new edition of your favorite Ventura Elvis 80 Skeleton watch

What does it mean to be The Rey? A timeless king, one at the forefront, one capable of conquering hearts. Hamilton, the watchmaking firm American with Swiss precision, seems to know exactly in which second it was that Elvis presley went from being a rock star to a giant.

It was the year 1957 when Hamilton marked a milestone in times of rock and modernization: the world’s first electric clock. At the same time, that same year, Elvis Presley shook the world with his hips when interpreting Jailhouse Rock. This is how the legacy of Ventura, the more current watch line than ever, which continues to be driven by the same frenetic pace of the 50’s and that resonates perfectly with the accessories in trend for spring 2021.

Hamilton’s new Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton

A great classic reinvented in honor of Elvis.

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The futuristic legacy of the model Hamilton Venture He put together some science fiction in an unconventional box so far, with three sides. The result: a precision machine that quickly became the world’s favorite watch. Elvis Presley, undisputed icon of fashion.

Now, millions of seconds later, the legacy of Elvis and Hamilton come together again to create this special edition watch, which is named Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton. A celebration of avant-garde watchmaking that surprises us with its ‘skeletonized’ dial. This technique reveals the heart (and all the rhythm) with which this piece was built.

Elvis Presley on the set of the 1961 film ‘Blue Hawaii’.

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As the master watchmakers of Hamilton, the ‘skeletonized’ sphere and the decoration Côtes de Genève Visible, as well as the H-10-S movement with an 80-hour power reserve, make this piece of engineering a simply relentless modern classic.

The electrical impulse that moved the first models of Ventura (that same spark that activated Elvis when taking the microphone) was reinterpreted in this edition that is not afraid to connect past, present and future. By taking the original sketches, this electrical impulse now it zigzags through the structure.

However, for this special edition, the Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton, comes in two striking versions: one with a black PVD coating for the dial while the case of the piece is illuminated by a red electrical impulse. The other version combines the same PVD and the matching electric impulse line, in rose gold color. Both have a strong black rubber strap.

And just like Elvis continues to set the pace, even for the new generations, this special model of the Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton It is presented as a collector’s item for those thinkers ahead of their time, who continue to give the pulse of the world of tomorrow.

Ventura watch model Elvis 80 Skeleton by Hamilton, in the rose gold version.

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