Elizabeth Olsen is amazed at how good the Lord of the Rings performances are

Among the many actors who rose to fame for their participation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, few have had the opportunity to demonstrate their talents like Elizabeth Olsen, who has appeared in critically acclaimed films such as Martha Marcy May Marlene – 90%, Mysterious Death – 87% o Ingrid Goes West – 86%, and was nominated for multiple awards for her role on the WandaVision series – 95%, in the Best Actress category.

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With a promising career ahead of him and several pending projects with Marvel, Olsen spoke to the magazine. Backstage on multiple topics, including his experience in WandaVision, a series that required a lot of work and special effects. When talking to Backstage On the impact it had on the public, the actress stressed that the performances play a decisive role in that sense, and gave as an example the trilogy of The Lord of the rings, directed by Peter Jackson (Dead of Fear – 64%, King Kong (2005) – 84%, They Will Never Reach Old – 100%):

I was thinking how difficult it would have been to film the first [película de] ‘The Lord of the rings’. For example, you are putting all these actors [en el cuadro] later and on all these different levels … And yet the performances are fantastic! And technically, they are so difficult. People sometimes forget that these things are technically difficult to film. And if the performances move them, that required a lot of multitasking.

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With the 20th anniversary of the premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – 91%, many fans had the opportunity to re-enjoy the trilogy in theaters, or in its 4K version in domestic format. For the same reason, several sites and critics have taken the opportunity to publish articles analyzing the value of films directed by Peter Jackson. With the exception of a few computer generated effects (CGI) that did not age well, the trilogy of The Lord of the rings It stands out for its quality above any superhero production, or fantasy in general, of today.

The Lord of the rings It was made with a lower budget than most blockbusters of its time, but with the effort and dedication of thousands of people, they gave us the great cinematic epic of this century, which has not been achieved, much less surpassed. With more than 400 awards, the saga is the most awarded in the history of cinema, and in its time it broke box office records.

The performances are a fundamental part in any cinematographic work, and although in the most popular awards the actors of The Lord of the rings, the entire cast received Online Film Critics, National Board of Review, and Screen Actors Guild awards, and was nominated in many more. However, the most important thing is the impression that the excellent performances left on the audience, as evidenced by the words of Elizabeth Olsen.

The Lord of the ringsBefore being brought to the big screen by Jackson, it was already a classic of fantasy literature, influencing filmmakers and artists of all stripes. With the rise of fantasy series like Game of Thrones – 59% now Amazon seeks to succeed with a series inspired by the universe of The Lord of the Rings, but it is difficult that it overshadows the legacy of the films, since as critic Matt Goldberg, of Collider, when reviewing the trilogy in 4K:

… The Lord of the Rings doesn’t seem like he’s lagged any more than The Wizard of Oz might qualify as a dusty relic. Instead, it remains a film and narrative triumph that has proven to be imitated, but never repeated.

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Elizabeth Olsen is amazed at how good the Lord of the Rings performances are