Dysomnia, the nightmare is not sleeping

Dysomnia is a sleep disorder involving difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. And it is also the title of the movie that Netflix premiered on the 9th within its news for the month of June.

We all know how dangerous not sleeping is for our health, and that is precisely what he asks us Mark Raso, director and screenwriter along with his brother Joseph, from Disomnia.

The movie features secondary as Barry Pepper (Hell under water), Finn Jones, Gill Bellows O Jennifer Jason Leigh, whom we recently saw in The Woman in the Window, and who is currently premiering the series Lisey’s Story, where she plays Darla Debusher. Series to which we are doing a special follow-up episode by episode, from the hand of my partner Rodolfo, which you cannot miss.

All for their children

Jill Adams (Gina Rodriguez, Jane the Virgin) is an ex-military man with drug-related problems. This led him to withdraw custody of his two children Noah (Lucius Hoyos) and Matilda (Ariana Greenblat, Of love and monsters), who live with their paternal grandmother.

The first minutes of Disomnia serve as an introduction to these three characters and the relationship between them. Jill is not the best mother in the world although she strives to improve, and right now she is going to have the opportunity to show how far she is willing to go to keep her two children safe.

Disomnia leads us to a dystopian world, where an unknown fact at that time, breaks with the normality of life. All electronic devices stop working causing chaos in the world, but it does not end there. This event has also caused no one is able to sleep.

The lack of sleep will begin to wreak havoc on the population as Jill flees with her children to save them in a race against time, since each day without being able to sleep only aggravates the symptoms towards an inevitable death. But Jill has a secret: Matilda can sleep.

This hopeful fact for humanity becomes a nightmare for her mother. Jill knows very well from her time in the military, how far the government is willing to go to get what it wants. Therefore, your highest priority is to prevent your daughter from falling into your hands.

But, at the same time, Jill knows that both she and her son will die in days which will mean leave Matilda alone.

Dysomnia: dystopian world

The idea that the world is going to end, or at least the vast majority of people are going to die from not being able to sleep, is something that attracts attention. This is joined by a shocking trailer that explains the symptoms of this lack of sleep. All of that makes Disomnia into a movie with aire survival which is very attractive.

During the 97 minutes that the film lasts we will see Jill and her family flee from a humanity that he has lost his sanity. They will face people who, gun in hand, have come to dominate cities and highways, and from whom it is better to stay away.

This way of presenting the apocalypse represents people as zombies from which you have to flee for your life. And for this, its protagonists will have to arm themselves with courage and bring out all the strength they carry inside, including Matilda.

Disomnia is an entertaining film, that is allowed to see. He knows how to maintain the tension and manages to have you in front of the screen waiting to see how the situation is resolved. Will it be the end of humanity? Will they all die and leave Matilda alone? Will they find a cure before it’s too late?

But it has an ending where they solve it all too quickly. The effects of lack of sleep are not evident throughout the film, and at the end of it they are so accentuated in its protagonists that they make you think that how is it possible that in just five minutes they go from normal or fatal …

In addition to the expected explanation to what is happening They solve it in an accelerated way, giving a reason that, well, we accept it but we know that it is not true. Which leaves many questions in the air after seeing it that would give a lot of play for a second part of the film, although I think we will stay that way and that Netflix will not do it. Well thought out, there have been mini series with a worse plot than Disomnia.

Greetings and be happy.

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Dysomnia, the nightmare is not sleeping