divorced, childless and with a dog he adored

The death of Jordi Rebellón, the unforgettable doctor Vilches de Hospital Central, has caused enormous sadness among his television family, which he formed during the broadcast years of one of Telecinco’s most successful series. From 2000 to 2012 he shared hours of filming with María Casal (Elisa Sánchez), Antonio Zabálburu (Javier Sotomayor de la Vega), Fatima Baeza (Esther García Paredes), Alicia borrachero (Gándara Cross), Barbara Muñoz (Alicia), Nacho fresneda (Manuel Aimé Torrente), Jesus Olmedo (Carlos Granados) or Roberto Drago (Héctor Béjar). All of them (and many more) have lamented the unexpected death of the Barcelona actor at the age of 64 due to a stroke.


Jordi Rebellón at Central Hospital

Known as the Spanish George Clooney for the similarity of fiction with the American Emergencies, Rebellón was, as they say, a good friend of his friends, and he did see this just a few days ago in his last publication, when he uploaded a photo with his colleagues from Hospital Central celebrating Nacho Fresneda’s performance in the play Dribbling.


Jordi Rebell & # xf3; n with his teammates from Central Hospital

Jordi Rebellón with his colleagues from Hospital Central

Jordi Rebellón was born on January 15, 1957 in the Sant Andreu district of Barcelona. As he told in an interview with the sports newspaper Sport, had a very happy childhood, although full of shocks. “A pot of boiling water fell on me and I had second degree burns, so I was in the hospital for a while.” As a child I was not shy and played football very well. “I don’t know to what extent I could have played for Barça or the national team, but of course I had the level to have been able to do something,” he said. At that time he was not considering being an actor. However, when he turned 30, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, who always did amateur theater.. “Being an actor is something very creative. I came from working in a bank and I was not enjoying it, so there came a time, when I was 30 years old, that I decided to take that step forward. I was unemployed and I launched myself. And it is a job that It gives me great happiness, although it is a profession after all and I live it like any other, “he said in the aforementioned publication.


Jordi Rebell & # xf3; n at the Goya

Jordi Rebellón in the Goya

Jordi Rebellón always tried to keep his personal life very discreet. The only thing that has transpired is that he was divorced and had no children. Also that he had an affair in 2007 with the actress Mónica Soria. In fact, Mónica Soria has said goodbye to him with this photo and the following message, which refers to the book that the actor published in 2015, I wanted to be Superman.


Jordi Rebellón con Mónica Soria

Jordi Rebellón with Mónica Soria

The actor always responded with a smile when asked about love. On Divinity acknowledged that his crush was Michelle Pfeiffer and in a talk with Rosa Villacastín to Ten minutes He said: “If I live alone it is because I prefer to live alone rather than in bad company. You only learn to live, like so many other things, although, logically, there are days when the house falls on you, but I compensate for this situation“.

Jordi Rebellón, the famous doctor Vilches and other roles for which he will always be remembered

Christian Gálvez says goodbye to Jordi Rebellón with an emotional letter: ‘I wanted to be like you’

Jordi Rebellón was very close to his family. He adored his brothers, his nephews and his parents. Recently, the actor mourned the death of his mother, Paquita, to whom he dedicated this precious message on the occasion of Mother’s Day. “Mommy, wherever you are, today is your day. Congratulations on behalf of your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and all of us who continue to love and miss you.”


Jordi Rebell & # xf3; n with his dog

Jordi Rebellón with his dog

The interpreter also adored his dog Bruce, whom he adopted in 2010 when he was 17 months old and to whom he had to say goodbye in May 2020.. “Bruce, friend, partner, confidant, you never asked for anything and you gave me everything. When I was worse, you were there, when I was better you shared it with me. You have given me so much happiness that it exceeds what I will miss you, imagine how much happiness you gave me. What I regret the most, what breaks my heart the most is not having been able to say goodbye to you and give you a hug. But I know that you have been happily accompanied. I will miss you and I will always love you “. In an interview that he always boasted about, the actor claimed that if “Bruce spoke, he would have the voice of Paco Rabal”, and was so devoted to her care that attended the César Millán program in Cuatro to educate you the best possible. “What worries me the most is that I eat something poisoned when we go down the street“Rebellón acknowledged.

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divorced, childless and with a dog he adored