August 3, 2021

“Data like last October when there were no vaccines. Because now I’m afraid again” – Libero Quotidiano

The effect of the Delta variant on bulletin: over 4 thousand cases in one day, the highest figure since last May. A disturbing picture that makes admit a Luca Richeldi, pulmonologist at the Gemelli hospital in Rome, of “being afraid for those who are not vaccinated”. “The infections are rising, we are not far from the incidence of last October, when the vaccines had not yet arrived: in October 2020 we were around 60 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, today we are already over 30 “. This is why, explains the professor at Corriere della Sera, the Green pass along with vaccines is the only way to prevent the framework of the Coronavirus worst. “It would be like having a degree in law and not using it to be a lawyer. It is quite right and legitimate that, in the interest of the community, entry to non-vaccinated people is forbidden in places where it is not possible to respect the rules of distancing and use of the mask on the mouth and nose “.

Over 4 thousand infections and 21 deaths: the July 21 bulletin and the Delta effect.  In Rome the European variant weighs

The impending scenario is not rosy. “I am afraid for those who have not been able or wanted to get vaccinated. We must expect the pandemic of the unvaccinated who are the 15% of over 60s, those who have not even received a dose. If they were infected they would be in danger of serious illness and even death just like a year ago. It is in this category that most of the deaths are concentrated. “The 25% of those who are not immunized are also at risk under 60 years old: “They can support the circulation of the virus and increase the possibility of it affecting vulnerable people: I see it as a bit of a social injustice”.

The infections will rise, but Euro 2020 has nothing to do with it.  Sileri, confidential data on the contagion in Italy: what will be the true impact of the Delta

There is a black hole in the clinical fight at Covid, home care: “We have created new resuscitation beds and hospitals dedicated to Covid. We have forgotten, however, about local care: this means having the possibility of following the sick in their homes, without them arriving at the hospital and therefore not taking away space and resources from other pathologies “.