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If there is a Hollywood figure who cannot live without cinema, that has to be Clint Eastwood. Having passed the retirement age a few decades ago, he simply cannot stop working and at 91 years of age he has He managed to surprise us again, leaving us speechless and with our hearts in his fist with the trailer for his new film as an actor and director.

Clint directs and stars in the one it might as well be his last movie, summarizing in a title the mark he has left in the world of cinema with his magnificent cinematographic legacy: Cry Macho, which in Spanish we would translate as “Llora Macho”. Two words that cover a lifetime of cinema.

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Despite sounding perfect, Cry Macho it is not a play on words designed precisely for him. It is pure chance, but it is perfect. This is because the film is based on the novel of the same title written by N. Richard Nash and published in 1975. In this story, Eastwood takes on the role of a forgotten rodeo star, horse breeder, embittered by the passage of time, loss and alcohol, who in 1978 accepts the job of a former boss. The job is to bring back the son of man from Mexico and thus get him out of trouble.

Together, the horseman and his boss’s young son cross rural Mexico back to Texas, facing an unexpected and challenging journey, during which the weary rider can finally find his own sense of redemption, teaching the young man another. definition of the word “macho” and lessons on what it means to be a good man.

Watching the trailer I can’t help but think how perfect this story is for an actor and director like Clint Eastwood. Not only because it includes some of the usual facets of his cinema, such as horses and the flavor of the American West, but also because it allows him to play with a story of redemption, one of the most essential elements of his filmography.

Cry Macho It will be the title of the original novel but it could not be more “eastwoodiano”. Those of us who know his cinema can glimpse a perfect amalgamation of characters and films, iconic roles with deep gazes, drowned feelings and eternal silences, which magically summarize the legacy that his extensive work in the world of cinema will one day leave us. And just in two words. “Macho” because his filmography is full of them, western men and characters with a steel plant that made Clint an icon of masculinity. And he “cries” because those same characters hid heroes without cloak or sword, tormented men who were rolling through life with a firm gaze but a sunken heart. We can find so many examples that summarize these words throughout his cinema. The films of Harry “the dirty” Callahan, that vigilante without ethics; Or his cowboy and repentant ex-frat from Without forgiveness (1992), the reluctant but deep-hearted coach in Million Dollar Baby (2004), or his patriotic soldiers as in The iron sergeant (1986). If we can even apply the same summary to your romantic hero from The bridges of Madison (1995) where he gave life to a lonely photographer, accustomed to his life of adventures, who falls in love with an impossible love. Even your drug dealer’s grandfather From (2018) apply the same tale or your war veteran angry at the world of Gran Torino (2008).

We can also find characters that summarize the same idea in films he has directed, such as Mystic River (2003) the The Sniper (2014). “Llora Macho”, a phrase so short but with so much meaning for moviegoers who have seen Eastwood’s cinema, the one that houses so many heroes with an unbreakable presence but hides a broken heart that we only discover in Clint’s eyes.


This being macho is overrated“says Clint in a sequence in the trailer that is wonderful when we put it in the context of Eastwood’s cinema, the males of his western past, and look at it as the conclusion of the career of this genius of cinema.”They try to be macho to show that they have courage. In the end they only have that. It’s like everything in life, you think you know all the answers and when you get old you realize that you don’t have any“sentence as a final touch.

Cry Macho marks the return of Clint as an interpreter to three years of The mule, already his 91 springs, in addition to getting back behind the cameras two years after filming Richard Jewell. If for things in life Cry Macho It ends up being Clint Eastwood’s last film, there is no doubt that it will be the perfect name to close his legacy with a flourish.

Cry Macho premieres on November 12.

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‘Cry Macho’ or how to title Clint Eastwood’s cinematic legacy in a movie – nonenglishfeed