August 3, 2021

Cross Generation Collaboration, DJ Winky and Eka Gustiwana Develop Indonesian EDM : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Winky Wiryawan, one of the best DJs in Indonesia who has been in the world of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). This time he collaborated with Eka Gustiwana, a rising Indonesian musician through Weird Genius.

DJ Winky and Eka have a mission. They want to develop EDM in Indonesia, which is currently still comfortable underground. Under the name Eka Winky Project, they also collaborated with Sorenza Nuryanti, who had been involved in The Voice Kids Indonesia.

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“I have known Eka for a long time. I see a lot of her content which is very funny and very fun and I think the content is very musical on YouTube. Okay, we are based on electronic music but the pop has to be louder. I and Eka have an agreement, ‘how can we make a music that is still a bit Western pop but we want the tone to be a bit Malay,” explained Winky Wiryawan.

Eka Winky Project in this inaugural project presents a single titled Summer Tears. They then tried to present local elements in EDM music which is often loved by young people.

“Initially I thought it was nothing, but where did you find your soul mate, it ended up being this project. We are happy to call it a music producer duo,” said Eka Gustiwana.

“Actually, if you listen, there are details that I took from Betawi elements. There is reggae and Eka is famous for combined traditional music,” continued Winky.

Eka Winky Project is under FloorInc, a sub-label of Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. With the presence of the Eka Winky Project, it is hoped that Indonesian EDM music can dominate the world market.

“Dance and Electronic Music have contributed to the Indonesian music industry by producing a number of talented artists with popular hits, especially since the 80s. Our mission is to take Dance and Electronic musicians to the next level by making FloorInc their home. Through FloorInc, we want to develop the potential as well as Dance and Electronic talents with the creative and promotional support needed to fulfill their potential, so we hope to open up exciting new opportunities for now and in the future,” said Muhammad Soufan, President Director , Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia.