August 1, 2021

Covid-19, Senior Artist Fryda Lucyana Needs Convalescent Plasma Donor : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The bad news came from the 1990s singer, Fryda Lucyana. The singer of the song ‘Rindu’ is currently battling Covid-19 and needs a convalescent plasma donor.

“Dear all. This time I myself (Fryda Lucyana) need a convalescent plasma donor,” said Fryda as quoted from a message received by MNC Portal, Thursday (22/7/2021).

He mentioned a number of requirements to become a convalescent plasma donor. Among them are Covid-19 survivors, have positive blood type B rhesus, are 18-60 years old, and have a minimum body weight of 55 kilograms.

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Another requirement is that the donor must have recovered from Covid-19 without going through the process of convalescent plasma therapy and only because of taking medication. “Minimum 2 weeks and maximum 1 month after recovering from Covid-19. Healthy as a Covid-19 survivor and without any symptoms again. Shows PCR swab results when positive and negative. Preference will be given to men,” the message reads.

He said the donor process would be carried out at PMI DKI Jakarta. “When you are ready to donate, please contact: Mbak June (Blood for Life) at 081770041964. THANK YOU,” he wrote.

Before needing a convalescent plasma donor, Fryda had time to report her condition which had dropped due to Covid-19 and the departure of her father on Thursday, July 15 2021. Her father died after receiving intensive care due to being infected with Covid-19.

Experiencing shortness of breath and fever, Fryda was then hospitalized. Three days ago, the 49-year-old singer experienced shortness of breath and had to be taken to a different hospital.

“Finally last night I had to move to the hospital, feeling like I was riding an ambulance for the first time, because the previous hospital had a shortage of oxygen. There were several patients who needed a lot of oxygen, including me, being referred to a hospital. I am grateful that I can immediately get a room at another hospital, after waiting 5 hours in the ER. Thank God at 3 o’clock this morning I was able to enter the inpatient room again, but in a different hospital…” said Fryda as quoted from her Instagram.