August 1, 2021

#CONCOURSE Win Amy Winehouse’s Iconic Back to Black Vinyl – Rock & Pop

This Friday, July 23, marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Amy Winehouse. En Rock&Pop we will be remembering the legacy of a huge singer, with a voice typical of the force of nature. At just 20 years old, from the beginning the depth of her voice and her music were comparable to the career of a veteran, with a unique voice color and a more than dazzling technical handling.

Amy Winehouse’s musical career was something real, authentic and emotional. In different interviews, the singer revealed that she never thought about being a professional artist, since the song for her was something natural, everyday, something that was always by his side.

In her early days, Amy Winehouse considered herself as a jazz singer. However, with his two official albums became the great R&B singer, soul and pop of the moment and of the century.

Back to black it is a small masterpiece, the pinnacle of his art, of his meager legacy. In addition to being a critical success, it was a huge sales success. Millions of copies around the world and awards of all kinds. Five Grammys, Mercury Prize and several Brits Awards.

His tragic and predictable departure

However, at the height of his career, in a July 23, 2011, her bodyguard found her dead in her bed. Despite the fact that he was 27 years old, his downfall was somewhat predictable and immensely public. Every binge, every excess, every breach had occurred in the eyes of the fans, the industry, and the whole world.

Thus, Amy was the last to get the little desired entry to the exclusive Club of 27. This is how the list of rockers who have died at that age is known. His predecessors: Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and even the bluesman Robert Johnson.

Contest to remember the legacy of Amy Winehouse

And to remember his legacy 10 years after his departure, at Rock & Pop we want to raffle off the iconic vinyl Back to Black by Amy Winehouse. An album that won 5 Grammys awards and features great songs like Rehab, Tears Dry on Their Own, You Know I’m No Good, Back To Black, Love Is a Losing Game and several more.

To participate for this tremendous vinyl, you must fill in the form and tell us what is your favorite song of the singer.
Closing of the draw: Monday, August 02.