August 3, 2021

Colors of the Regions, is a clash over the new parameters. Green pass for bars, restaurants and transport: all the news

There is still no agreement and both the control room and the Council of Ministers are postponed to tomorrow who will have to decide on the node of the new parameters for i colors of the Regions, both for the extended Green pass. Between the ‘wall’ of the Regions and the fibrillation within the majority, we will therefore have to wait for Thursday to find out more on the pandemic theme: the Regions ask that the parameters for decreeing the passage from the white to yellow zone, with all the limitations of the case, provide 30% of the beds occupied in hospitals and 20% in intensive care. Instead, the government would like to lower the threshold to 10 and 5% respectively, but an agreement could be found halfway, with 15% of beds in the ward and 10% in intensive care.

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The ideas of the Regions on the green pass are clear: the governors they ask that in the white zone the pass is only applied to major sporting and entertainment events, discos, fairs and congresses. In summary, use the green certificate to allow the resumption of activities not permitted until now. But the government – with Prime Minister Mario Draghi in the lead and with the exception of the Lega – is demanding more to stop the race of the virus, which thanks to the Delta variant has returned to scare. Distinguishing the activities on three levels: essential services that do not require a green pass, those that include a ‘light’ version – therefore a single dose with an already fixed and close date for the second – and finally the list of activities for which the green certificate must certify complete vaccination.

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The distance with the Regions, writes Adnkronos, is difficult to shorten. For bars and restaurants, for example, the government wants to introduce the green pass, albeit only for the tables inside and even with a single dose, however, leaving free the drinks at the counter or outside the room. And this also in the white zone: a stance that makes the governors’ front turn up their noses.

And then there are the stages, from now to September, that the government intends to indicate to make the use of the green certificate more stringent, thanks to the return to school as well as the return from the August holidays. And that in the last few hours he would not have excluded, government sources assure, the obligation of a green certificate on public transport starting from mid-September.

Yet another difficult knot to unravel, on which the comparison, in these hours, has gone on tight enough to lead to a postponement as on the school: the decision on bus and metro should be made later and not in this decree. Tomorrow, barring new but unlikely postponements, the awaited control room with Draghi, then a new confrontation with the Regions, therefore the Council of Ministers which will have to pass the new decree. Where the new date of the state of emergency will also be put in black and white, probably – but at the moment there is still no certainty – 31 December. To explain the reasons that have moved the government, in all likelihood, will be Draghi himself, who should return to speak at the press conference.

Last updated: Wednesday 21 July 2021, 20:09