‘Cinderella’: Billy Porter’s fairy godmother and other characters who have changed their gender

With the change of agenda that is being experienced at the social level, the cinema and the series could not be left behind in terms of important transformations in their characters. Here we list some that in their different adaptations have changed.

Little by little, society is changing in terms of paradigms and statutes that we had learned together; and this change naturally it has had a direct impact on the narratives of audiovisual productions that consumerism. At a slow but steady pace, we have witnessed more women in front of and behind the scenes or how there is greater representation of the LGTBQ + community in various series and movies.

This is reflected in how established characters have changed gender. The most recent example can now be found in Amazon Prime Video with the new adaptation of Cinderella starring Camila Cabello and Nicholas Galitzine where the fairy godmother is interpreted by Billy Porter. Like him, there are several cases that we list below. Do you remember any other?

The Fairy Godmother – Cinderella

There are many adaptations of the story of an orphan girl who is abused by her stepmother and her life changes after meeting her prince. In each and every one of them there is a fairy godmother who helps her in her transformation to go to the dance where she will meet her true love. But in the version of Camilla Cabello gave the character a total twist with Billy Porter. The also actor of Pose, He stated that he loved the idea and added: “Magic has no gender, it’s not about that, it’s about giving love. The fairy godmother is love and teaches Cinderella how to love herself, it is beautiful “.

The Doctor – Doctor Who

Doctor Who had had more than 10 men playing the character since its premiere in 1963. But for him Doctor number 13, following the changes in the agenda that we have already commented, the chain decided that the actress Jodie Whittaker would take the reins of the series. With this change, the boomers shouted in the sky and spread their discontent through all social networks; but with everything and that, the first season was a great success as an audience.

Ancestral – Doctor Strange

In the comics, the character of the Ancestral is an elderly Tibetan mentor of Doctor Strange and a specialist in magic and illusions, so he had always been linked to a male figure. But when it was announced that this adaptation would be part of the MCU of the command of Benedict Cumberbatch, The statement also came that this character would be played by a woman, and it would not be just any actress, but the talented Tilda Swinton. The Most of the fans had no problem with the gender change. What actually caused anger in some was that ethnicity was not respected and it was a white Anglo-Saxon woman who took the place of a kind of Tibetan monk. Yes … Kevin Feige continues to carry that decision.

Jery Hogarth – Jessica Jones

In the comics Jery is a friend of Iron Fist’s father, Wendell, and a lawyer for Heroes for Hire, a team of heroes that Iron Fist is a member of. However, for the Jessica Jones series, Carrie-Anne Moss was chosen to play Jery Hogarth, there was no major conflict, as she continued to represent an intelligent and sagacious lawyer.

Ratcatcher – The Suicide Squad

Ratcatcher is a villain belonging to the ranks of DC who fight against Batman. He calls himself Ratcatcher due to his ability to communicate and train them, plaguing Gotham on more than one occasion. For The Suicide Squad by James Gunn, they decided to portray a female version with the Portuguese actress Daniela Melchior, who stole viewers’ hearts.

Makkari – Eternals

Makkari first appeared in The Eternals # 5, where he demonstrates super strength, speed and reflexes, as well as the ability to create cyclones by running in circles. Obviously this character was shown in the comic strips under a male figure, but everything will change when the movie of Chloe Zhao It is released in theaters because Makkari will be played by actress Lauren Ridloff, who is happy with this change because there are many differences between the original character, a big, muscular, blond guy, and her, a woman, black and deaf. .

Sharpay – High School Musical

Who grew up watching the movies of High School Musical we remember Ashley Tisdale like the arrogant girl who tried to separate Troy (Zac Efron) from Gabriella (Vannesa Hudgens), although in the end, he always ended up redeeming himself. Disney has not let the hype of these characters die and relatively recently released the High School Musical series: The Musical: The series, which does not function as a sequel, but rather as a mockumentary in which “real life” students they want to put on a musical based on the movie. So in a very progressive way, When the roles are assigned, the teacher lets a boy named Seb (Joe Serafini) take on the role of Sharpay Evans.

Rob – High Fidelity

When the 21st century began, the film was released High Fidelity based on the novel by Nick Hornby and starring John Cusack. At the time, the story of Rob, a guy with no ambitions beyond music and his vinyl records, caused a great impact among young adults of the time. Currently, neither the story nor the character with minimal emotional responsibility would cause sympathy, which is why Zoe Kravitz starred in a new take on the character for Starz Play which, according to the audience, is a gem; but little audience level it had ended up canceling it after a season.

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‘Cinderella’: Billy Porter’s fairy godmother and other characters who have changed their gender