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Chris Pratt Updates: Fans got the opportunity to watch their favorite star Chris Pratt recently in the movie The Tomorrow War. It’s an Amazon Prime sci-fi movie. The movie got many types of reviews but fans loved the movie. The movie got its release on 2 July 2021 and hot rumors for the sequel have already begun.

Is the sequel for tomorrow war is coming

To date, the resources have confirmed that the work on the sequel of the movie has already started. Fans are going crazy to watch once again Chris Pratt. The theme of the movie was time traveling to fight with the aliens. Of course, we can’t imagine the sequel without our favorite actor Chris.

Further reports have claimed to bring back the whole group Chris McKay also Zach Dean with other actors as Sam Richardson, and Yvonne Strahovski with Edwin Hodge, Betty Gilpin, and also J.K. Simmons.

Details about The Tomorrow War


As we know our protagonists of tomorrow’s war as Chris Pratt and Yvonne Strahovski. Moreover, the storyline of the movie gets around a few people who travel time to protect people from aliens. They travel from 2052 to the present time. After its release on Amazon prime, the movie is getting a very good response among the fans.

Our hero Chris is playing the role of the previous Delta Force Operator. He is saving the world from the destruction of their Life’s from the aliens. Further, the people are sent to the future. However, initially, the film was decided to give hit in theaters but it went down because of the pandemic.

Moreover, the even ott release got attention from the fans. For the fans, the movie is dubbed in other languages also like Hindi, Tamil, and also in Telugu. Fans can enjoy their movie anytime in any language on Amazon prime.

Chris Pratt is thankful to his fans for loving him

Tomorrow war after being released on Amazon prime made a huge hit. The movie broke many previous records. Chris Pratt on his Instagram account thanked his fans for their love and support.

Sequel to bring more fun

However, the director of the movie The Tomorrow War in an interview said a lot about the sequel. He confirmed that the sequel would disclose many things and would bring more fun to the fans.

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Chris Pratt In Talks To Return For A Tomorrow War- Daily Research Plot – nonenglishfeed