Why didn’t Jeff Goldblum return to Jurassic World (2015)?

Ian Malcolm’s (Jeff Goldblum) character was not in the Jurassic World movie, but instead had a brief appearance in the sequel.

Jeff Goldblum starred in the movie Jurassic Park from 1993 as Ian Malcolm, a mathematician invited to the original park to investigate any problems the attractions might have. He returned four years later as the main protagonist of The lost World (1997), but was later absent in Jurassic Park III 2001. In addition, the actor and other original members of the cast were not in the first film of Jurassic World. What are the reasons?

Ian Malcolm specialized in chaos theory. The idea that small variations in the world can cause gigantic and unpredictable effects. In the first Jurassic Park, Malcolm warned about the threat of the park, correctly predicting the horror that befell the characters in the film. When the new theme park officially opens at Jurassic World, the same destination awaits tourists. A series of catastrophic deaths occur after a genetically modified dinosaur, the Indominus Rex, escapes and wreaks havoc, but this time Malcolm was not there to warn what was about to happen. Although there is a subtle difference here, the story begins with a theme park that has been successful for years. Therefore chaos theory only begins to work when they introduce the new dinosaur completely made by humans, without following any pattern of nature.

Only Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong) returned.

Jeff Goldblum and most of the other original cast members were deliberately kept out of Jurassic World. Executive producer Steven Spielberg wanted to introduce a new cast of characters for the Jurassic World trilogy to keep the franchise focused on the future.

In an interview the director Colin Trevorrow stated: “Steven was on a mission to do something new, and he really wanted it to be a Jurassic Park for a new generation”. Given that the new franchise began 14 years after the original film’s release, it’s sensible to focus on creating characters for a new generation of viewers. There were young teenagers buying Jurassic World tickets who weren’t even born when the original movie was released. For them, the longing to see characters like Ian Malcolm played by Jeff Goldblum was not the motivation to go to the movies.

The chaotic events of the first film of Jurassic World require Ian Malcolm to return to The fallen kingdom (2018) to repeat his past warnings. In the sequel, Malcolm explains to the US Congress that dinosaurs must be left to die on the island to correct the atrocities of creating them in the first place. Instead, the film concludes with the departure of the dinosaurs from the island to the mainland. Jeff Goldblum appears again in the final scene to warn society of the dangerous new reality in which they will live. Stating that “a sudden, radical and irrational change … Is happening now.” These radical and unpredictable changes are the basis of chaos theory, and it is clear that Malcolm’s warnings have come true once again.

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Why didn’t Jeff Goldblum return to Jurassic World (2015)?